Top 3 Fantasy Cricket Leagues in India you Need to Try Out Today
Top 3 Fantasy Cricket Leagues in India you Need to Try Out Today

Fantasy cricket leagues have swooned users all around the globe. They straddle the worldwide online user interface through their swiftest facilities. What is fantasy cricket? Why does it have such dedicated users? Fantasy cricket connects cricket lovers effortlessly through its completely online venture. 

Fantasy cricket is an online strategy based sports game where you have to create a virtual team of real cricketers playing in real matches around the world. You earn points based on the performances of these players in real matches. This creates immense possibilities in times when outdoor games cannot be played in their actual capacities. 

Fantasy Cricket is an online game that builds virtual teams of real cricket players. Points are awarded based on the results of the chosen players; if your team ranks higher in a contest, you win real cash, as per the particular contest.

What is the fantasy cricket league? On different online fantasy cricket platforms, fantasy cricket league online are the ones where you can go to play fantasy cricket leagues. Here, based on the players playing in the real match, you need to set up a virtual team.

In all three international formats, fantasy cricket matches can be played: One Day International, Twenty20, and Test Cricket. The limited over matches are played in two formats, regular games, and rounds, namely the One Day Internationals and Twenty20s.

A fantasy cricket match is based on orders for batting and bowling, which are the most discussed aspect of the strategy for cricketing. The direction of the fantasy cricket game can be altered by a slight change of order. The idea includes choosing an 11-player team and 3 replacements from the pool of players who play the game. There are no budget limits and the selection of players is not restricted to a fixed number of batsmen, bowlers, and all-rounders, but you can only build teams according to their prerequisite trends in certain fantasy cricket apps to play online cricket fantasy league.

Some of the renowned fantasy cricket tournaments played in the fantasy cricket leagues are: 

1. Asia Cup: The ACC Asia Cup is the International One Day and International Twenty20 Cricket tournament for men. It was created when the Asian Cricket Council was formed in 1983 as a measure to foster goodwill among Asian countries. Originally, it was intended to be held every two years.

2. ICC Champion Trophy: The ICC Champions Trophy was organized by the International Cricket Council (ICC) as a One-Day International (ODI) cricket tournament, second only to the 50-over World Cup.

3. ICC World Cup: The World Cup for Cricket (officially known as the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup)[1] is the annual cricket One Day International (ODI) championship. The game is organized every four years by the International Cricket Council (ICC), the sport’s governing body, with preliminary qualifying rounds leading up to the final tournament. The tournament is one of the most-watched sporting events in the world and is regarded by the ICC as the “flagship event of the international cricket calendar.”