India are going to play their 2022 T20 World Cup opening game against Pakistan at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on October 23. In front of the super charged conflict, a few cricket savants have proactively shared their perspectives on who they think could be a piece of the playing XI of the particular groups on the match day. Previous India cricketer Sunil Gavaskar is of the assessment that Rishabh Gasp could pass up India’s XI, in the event that the side selects to pick Hardik Pandya as a 6th bowling choice.

Nonetheless, Gavaskar feels that Gasp is probably going to come to the Indian crew in the event that the group plays Hardik as the fifth bowling choice. “On the off chance that they choose to go with six bowlers, with Hardik Pandya being the 6th bowler, then he (Rishabh Pant) will most likely be unable to track down a spot. However, on the several chance they choose to go with Hardik Pandya at a place of fifth bowler, Rishabh Gasp has a potential chance to bat at number six and Karthik perhaps at number seven, trailed by the four bowlers. Along these lines, that could well occur,” expressed Gavaskar on Star Sports.

Of late, India have favoured Dinesh Karthik over Pant in T20Is and the last option has performed well in the restricted open doors he has. Gavaskar said that regardless of whether Rishabh plays his game in the upcoming World Cup.
‘What number of overs Rishabh Pant will get ready? Might it be said that he will get three or four overs? However, they might give ball to Dinesh Karthik and Rishabh Pant for fewer over which is not merely decided as they will do as per the situation and teams requirement, says Sunil Gavaskar.