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Why Everyone is Talking About ASIA Cup 2020

Why Everyone is Talking About ASIA Cup 2020

Asia Cup has been embroiled in uncertainty from the start. The PCB had won the hosting rights, but with India unwilling to...

Asia Cup Postponed Till June Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

On Thursday the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) postponed the Asia Cup tournament until June 2021 owing to an upsurge in COVID-19 cases...
Top 3 memorable hat-tricks in ICC men's Cricket World Cup

Top 3 Memorable Hat-Tricks in ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup

In International cricket, hat-tricks are infrequent. Eliminating three batsmen off three back-to-back deliveries is uncommon. But there are still occurence of some...
Comprehending the interesting facts of 2020 Asia Cup

Comprehending The Interesting Facts Of 2020 Asia Cup

The 2020 Asia Cup was initially supposed to take place in September 2020. However, owing to the ongoing COVID-19 scare the tournament...



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