Group India will next go head to head against New Zealand in a three-match ODI series, starting Friday in Auckland. Left-gave hitter Shikhar Dhawan will be driving the side without Rohit Sharma. This is the third time in 2022 that Dhawan would be driving the side, as he had prior captained during the West Indies ODI series, and afterward the home ODI series against South Africa (Dhawan had likewise driven Group India last year during the away Sri Lanka series when the fundamental side was in Britain). It is vital to specify that the hitter was named as skipper for the Zimbabwe series too, however without a second to spare, KL Rahul returned into the side, having recuperated from his physical issue, and he was then made the chief.

In front of the primary ODI against New Zealand, Dhawan was gotten some information about how he felt when he was eliminated as the chief for the Zimbabwe series without a second to spare.

“You have posed a decent inquiry. I see myself as lucky that I am getting a chance to lead the side at this phase of my vocation. I feel better about it and it is a test. We have won great series with a youthful side. Assuming I discuss the Zimbabwe visit, KL Rahul is the bad habit chief of our fundamental group, when he returned, I was aware of the way that he needed to go to Asia Cup. In the event that Rohit had gotten harmed during Asia Cup, KL could have been approached to lead. So it was better that he had the work on during the Zimbabwe visit,” Dhawan said during a pre-match public interview.

“I was not do any harm. I feel that whatever occurs, occurs for something good. I was then chosen as the skipper for the South Africa series, the selectors and the group the executives offered me that chance. I never feel terrible,” he added.