Wasim Akram

Pakistan pace extraordinary Wasim Akram, in his life story ‘Ruler: A Diary’, censured the mentality previous Pakistan chief Saleem Malik during their playing days. Akram, who made his global presentation in 1984, said that senior colleague Malik made him give back rub and clean his garments and boots. “He would exploit my lesser status. He was negative, self centered and dealt with me like a worker. He requested I knead him, he requested me to clean his garments and boots,” read a selection from the account. “I was furious when a portion of the more youthful colleagues in Ramiz, Tahir, Mohsin, Shoaib Mohammad welcomed me to clubs.

Presently Malik has answered the charges. I will ask him what was the justification for composing what he did, “the previous player was cited as saying by Cricket Pakistan.

On Akram’s allegation that Malik requested that he clean his garments, he made sense of that Akram just needed to utilize the clothes washer. Prior, Akram likewise opened up on his cocaine fixation in his collection of memoirs. In a new meeting with the Grade Cricketers’ Digital broadcast, Akram has uncovered that he was kept in a recovery in Pakistan for over two months despite his desire to the contrary.

Then, at that point, one line turned into a gram. I returned to Pakistan. No one understood what it was except for it was accessible. It deteriorated and more awful. My children were youthful. I was harming my late spouse a ton. We would have contentions. She said I want assistance.”

She said there’s a recovery, you can go there. I said okay I will go there for a month however they saved me there for more than two months despite my desire to the contrary. Clearly, that is unlawful on the planet yet not in Pakistan. That didn’t help me. At the point when I emerged, a defiance came into me.