The 2024 T20 World Cup will be played in an alternate configuration in which 20 partaking nations will be partitioned into four gatherings of five groups each and the main round will be trailed by a Very Eight phase. In the 2021 and 2022 releases, the main round was trailed by the Very 12 however in the following competition, the best two groups from every one of the four gatherings will advance to the Very Eight stage, where they will be additionally partitioned into two gatherings of four each.

Then, at that point, the main different sides in every one of the two Super Eights gatherings will make the semi-finals, which will be trailed by the last. Upwards of 12 groups have proactively gotten their compartment in the following version of the competition to be played in West Indies and US.

The main eight groups in the as of late held T20 World Cup in Australia (top four in every Very 12 gathering), including defending champs Britain and other participants Pakistan, have proactively acquired spots for the 2024 competition, with Afghanistan and Bangladesh, the following best groups on the ICC men’s T20I Rankings, likewise getting their spot

While South Africa asserted 2024 capability by ethicalness of their main eight completion, Zimbabwe couldn’t gain by areas of strength for them to the mission, completing rearward in the Very 12 gathering to be sent back to provincial capability,” the ICC said in the delivery.

Africa, Asia and Europe will have two capability spots, with one spot for both the Americas and East-Asia Pacific locales.

In the last two releases of the T20 World Cup, the main round saw two gatherings of four groups which included nations that entered the occasion through the passing stage and groups that completed among 10th and twelfth in the past competition.

The main different sides from each gathering in the primary round then, at that point, joined the other eight groups that had previously equipped for the Very 12 phase.