Michael Vaughan

India are the most underachieving team in white-ball history, according to former British captain Michael Vaughan, who slammed the “Men in Blue” for playing an antiquated style of cricket in the T20 World Cup. In one more ICC competition, India’s mission ended in catastrophe. This time by Britain, as Jos Buttler and Co. gave the previous bosses a 10-wicket drubbing in the T20 World Cup elimination round in Adelaide on Thursday.

Each player on the planet who goes to the Indian Chief Association says how it works in their game, yet what has India at any point conveyed? ” From 2011, nothing is to be changed by their cricket local area.” “India is playing a white-ball game and persistently neglected to win the opposition.

The 48-year-old pummeled the Indian group on the board for not utilizing the immensely skilled Rishabh. “How they have not amplified somebody like Rishabh is unimaginable.” In this period, put him up top to send it off.

I’m simply stunned by how well they play T20 cricket given their talent. They have the players, yet they don’t have the right cycle set up. They need to let it all out. For what reason do they give the resistance bowlers the initial five overs to bed in?

India must be straightforward at this point. What happens when India shows up at a World Cup? Everybody plays them up. Notwithstanding, Vaughan feels presently is “an ideal opportunity to tell it straight.” “They can take cover behind their incredible players, but it is tied in with getting a group to play the correct way in general.”