Babar Azam

The Rawalpindi wicket, utilized for the primary Test among Pakistan and Britain, has been exposed to a lot of analysis starting right off the bat. Seeing Britain assemble north of 500 sudden spikes in demand for the first day of the actual season, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) got a lot of analysis for the manner in which they arranged the wicket. After the series opener finished in Pakistan’s loss, even captain Babar Azam conceded being discontent with the pitch as he didn’t get the kind of wicket that he needed in the match.

Runs moved from the bats of both the groups for each of the 5 days as the Rawalpindi pitch kept on offering practically zero help to bowlers. Be that as it may, we needed a track with some turn for the spinners,” Babar told a post-match gathering on Monday. Babar additionally didn’t avoid applauding Britain for how they batted all through the match.

We were anticipating that they would proceed should play like that against us. I think it becomes challenging for a chief when your bowlers are not raising a ruckus around town regions and runs are being scored the two sides of the wicket. Be that as it may, full credit to them the manner in which they batted in the two innings,” he said.