Ramiz Raja

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Director Ramiz Raja has been openly communicating his disappointment since the Leading group of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) secretary Jay Shah recommended that India wouldn’t go to Pakistan for the Asia Cup one year from now. Raja even took steps to fight back saying his group wouldn’t go to India for the ODI World Cup on the off chance that the BCCI doesn’t send its players to Pakistan for the Asia Cup.

Addressing Michael Atherton during Pakistan’s second Test against Britain, Raja said that India are declining to come to Pakistan as well as discusses the Asia Cup are being detracted from the nation as well.

I have no clue about regardless of whether they will come. Yet, it’s uncalled for and there was an assertion made toward the finish of a BCCI meeting where they said India may not venture out to Pakistan in view of an administration strategy. What’s more, additionally there’s the probability of the Asia Cup being detracted from Pakistan, and put elsewhere which I will totally stand up to. As you probably are aware, Asia Cup would mean an extraordinary arrangement to the fans, it’s a multi-country competition,” he said on Sky Sports.

Pakistan has turned into a brand in worldwide cricket. The way that the players have fan-continuing in India and on record, I know, they are the second-most watched group in India. They check out our turn of events. We need to go there however the truth of the matter is it must be on equivalent conditions, you can’t be compliant to a specific cricket board. We’ve made due without India now for good 10-12 years. It’s a pleased second for Pakistan Cricket Board and the Pakistan cricket crew. While other cricket blocks seek India for a visit or not really good or bad that they can develop their cash safes. Pakistan have taken a gander at the sizes of economy in-house and some way or another we have endure very well,” he added.

On being gotten some information about the possibilities of playing Test cricket with Pakistan on unbiased scenes, Ramiz said that the suggestion doesn’t address the reason.

” An unbiased region wouldn’t exactly propel the reason. It must be either in India or Pakistan,” said the PCB chief.