Ramiz Raja

Pakistan Cricket Board director Ramiz Raja trusts that if the public group has any desire to make “world titles”, it should beat Britain in the Test series at home. Conversing with correspondents at the Gaddafi arena after the Quaid-e-Azam Prize last on Tuesday, Ramiz likewise clarified that he had not abandoned having drop-in contributes for the large habitats Pakistan.

“I have given only one message to the players that to stand out as truly newsworthy they need to beat Britain in the series,” he said.

The previous skipper likewise said that the current Pakistan group is fit for beating Britain yet a ton will rely upon the kind of contributes the two groups get the series.

“At the point when Australia came recently the pitches were newly laid so they played diversely yet presently they have settled down a lot and we are anticipating additional donning tracks against Britain,” Ramiz said

The PCB boss likewise said that facilitating Australia, Britain and New Zealand in one season is a major lift for Pakistan cricket and trusted the visit by Britain would be closed effectively. Ramiz said he was glad to see the reaction of the English players after they arrived in Pakistan.