Green and maroon jersey retained for ATK-Mohun Bagan

In an meeting on Friday, the new merger of two Kolkata based football giants, ATK and Mohun Bagan decided to play under the banner of ATK- Mohun Bagan in green and maroon jersey.

In a mutual understanding, the new name of club will showcase ATK first and compensating this along with keeping in mind the great history of Mohun Bagan, the new jersey will be influenced by Bagan’s traditional jersey.

 “The culture and tradition which has made the brand a household name has been preserved. The logo retains its essence.

“The addition of ATK within the logo ensures that the fast growing and passionate following built on a short but highly successful period is also being carried forward,” the merged entity said in a statement.

The club has also disclosed their plans of building a world class academy and to refurbish their home stadium in an innovative manner.

“Mohun Bagan have been close to my heart since childhood. I have had the honour to watch the Green and Maroon play some of their best football,” principal owner Sanjiv Goenka, who acquired a majority stake of 80 per cent in Mohun bagan, said.

“We respect legacy and have retained the same jersey which generations down the line have embraced, adored and loved.

“My dream is to establish ATK Mohun Bagan as a world class team which earns its place in the international circuit.”

Former captain of Indian cricket team, Sourav Ganguly who is co-owner of ATK- also attended the meeting. The new merger will participate in AFC Cup and upcoming seasons of ISL.