Matches will be played in Faridabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Indore and Bengaluru where the last will be held.

Pakistan cricket crew for the outwardly hindered will before long be conceded visa to come to India for the third T20 World Cup for the Visually impaired planned from December 5-17.

Cricket Relationship for the Visually impaired in India (CABI) President Mahantesh GK affirmed the advancement on Thursday.

India and Pakistan are set to get down to business at the Siri Stronghold Ground on December 7. Notwithstanding, there were an issues concerning the cooperation of the Pakistan group because of the postpone in the issuance of visas. The MEA is dealing with it and we are certain that before the day’s over, they will get their visas,” Mahantesh GK told PTI during a media cooperation.

The very beginning will be considered sixth December 2022, when India and Nepal will play their most memorable match at Faridabad. And furthermore same day, other three matches will likewise show up in which Australia will confront Sri lanka at DIDA stronghold sports complex and Pakistan will play against South Africa at new Delhi. Furthermore, Bangladesh will in all actuality do lay on the primary day of the competition.