Rohit Sharma's proposal for a three-match WTC final has been turned down by Pat Cummins.

Following the conclusion of the World Test Championship final at The Oval, Rohit Sharma, the captain of the Indian cricket team, suggested a three-match Test series to determine the winner of the tournament. However, Pat Cummins, his Australian counterpart and a prominent fast bowler, dismissed the idea, stating that a single match is sufficient. Cummins used the analogy of the Olympics, where athletes have only one opportunity to win a gold medal.

It is worth noting that India suffered a humiliating defeat as Australia emerged victorious by a margin of 209 runs. Although there were moments of hope that the Indian team could stage a remarkable comeback on the fifth day, the Australian pacers completely dismantled India’s batting lineup, leading to their collapse in the morning session. Subsequently, Rohit Sharma proposed a three-match series, arguing that the team had put in significant effort over a period of two years, and therefore, evaluating their performance based on a solitary match was unfair.

During the press conference, Rohit expressed, “I would prefer a three-match series for the WTC Final. We have worked tirelessly and fought hard, but we only played one game. I believe a three-match series would be more suitable in the next WTC cycle.”

In response to Rohit’s suggestion, Cummins stated, “I think it’s acceptable. No objections. Ideally, one would prefer a 50-match series, but in the Olympics, it comes down to a single race to win a gold medal. Sports like AFL and NRL have finals. That’s the nature of sport.”