Mitchell Starc has revealed that he does not have any regrets about putting his national duty before participating in high-paying franchise competitions, stating that money is temporary.

Despite the prevalence of franchise tournaments like the Big Bash and the Indian Premier League (IPL), Mitchell Starc, the Australian fast bowler, stands out as one of the few players who have not participated in such competitions for over eight years. In 2014, Starc joined Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in the IPL, but he later decided to prioritize international cricket and parted ways with the team after making significant contributions in the 2015 edition.

Starc, who played a vital role in Australia’s successful campaign during the 2021-23 World Test Championship cycle, finds satisfaction in representing his country while many players around the world eagerly seek contracts in franchise leagues.

Reflecting on his choices, Starc stated, “I have no regrets; money comes and goes. I am immensely grateful for the opportunities I’ve had. Considering that fewer than 500 men have played Test cricket for Australia in over a century, it is a truly special experience. What I cherish most in cricket is sitting back with my teammates after a Test victory and celebrating our collective success.”

He further explained, “Wearing the baggy green alongside my close friends, the guys I’ve grown up playing with, is incredibly meaningful. While franchise cricket offers its own advantages, such as financial security, it’s important to remember that in such tournaments, players can be bought, sold, or traded within a year. In contrast, I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to represent my country for over a decade. With the increasing prevalence of franchise cricket and talks about 12-month contracts resembling those in football, where international windows or club clearances are required for players to participate in international sports, the significance of long-standing commitments becomes even more apparent.”