The recent Asia Cup 2023 has sparked controversy, with the new head of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Zaka Ashraf, expressing his dissatisfaction with the “hybrid model” in place for hosting the tournament. Ashraf believed that Pakistan should have been the sole host of the entire tournament instead of sharing hosting duties with Sri Lanka. His remarks triggered a lively debate among cricket fans on social media. However, Ashraf later moderated his stance, acknowledging that the decision had already been made, and he couldn’t alter it.

Ashraf stated, as reported by ESPNCricinfo, that he personally believed the hybrid model was not advantageous for Pakistan and expressed his disapproval. He felt that as the host, Pakistan should have negotiated better to ensure that the entire tournament took place in their country. Ashraf expressed his concern that Sri Lanka had been allocated a greater number of matches, leaving Pakistan with only four games, which he considered unfavorable for his country.

Despite his reservations, Ashraf confirmed that he would not interfere with the existing agreement between the Pakistan Cricket Board and the Asian Cricket Council, which had already been established. He acknowledged that the decision had been made and expressed his commitment to honoring the commitment. While he couldn’t change the current situation, Ashraf emphasized that moving forward, every decision made by the PCB would prioritize the best interests of Pakistan.