Top 5 Reasons Why People Like to Watch ICC T20 World Cup

T20 is a relatively newer form of cricket. Doesn’t mean that it has any less fan following. In the past few years, various reasons have contributed to the success of T20. Nowadays, many fans prefer to watch T20 matches over full-length ODI matches or Test Matches. With the ICC T20 World Cup 2020’s fate hanging, if you are wondering what exactly is the reason behind the rapid success and popularity of the newest form of cricket in a world where age-old, tested and tried long formats are still played, you are at the right place.

1) Length of the matches

This is the shortest format of the game in which each side bat for a maximum of 20 overs while an ODI has more than 100 overs and a Test Series which goes on for 5 days. Nowadays, hardly anyone has a lot of time to devote towards entertainment. A usual T20 match continues for about 3.5 hours while other formats go for much longer. Because of its short time duration, people find T20 Men’s World Cup to better suit their schedule. They get to watch a full match without making their schedule suffer much. Also, the short time period brings in new fans as they might not want to watch long matches but may find short matches interesting.

2) Speedy nature of the game

There are only 20 overs in each inning and hence the players don’t prefer to play defensive. All it takes is one over to change the score-card drastically. This results into a more action-packed and fast-paced game. The batsmen are always in the lookout of scoring runs through these 20 overs leading to an exciting game. This thrill and adrenaline percolates down from the players to the viewers as well and this appeals to them. Thus, this speedy nature of the game attracts more viewers.

3) Over the Boundary

Cricket is a game where viewers want to see the batsmen hit the ball out of the boundary more and more. T20 gives them exactly this. The low number of overs per inning makes the batsmen excited to score as much as possible without having to run between the wickets. Hence, they hit the ball out of the boundary. This further makes the game intense as the fielders are always hungry to catch a ball and send an opposite team batsman back to the pavilion.

4) Entertainment and Glamour

T20 is blend of cricket with entertainment. Songs are played during the breaks and cheerleaders cheer for both the teams. Along with the cricket, presenters also bring a lot more that keep the audience engaged.

5) Passion and Athleticism

It was difficult to find the kind of sportsmanship seen in T20 before. Players make difficult catches and saves and give a whole new definition to sportsmanship and their hard work.

Once the lockdown is lifted, we are all eager to watch the ICC T20 World Cup. The craze for the game is just on the rise.

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