CSK lost their match on Sunday by six wickets against KKR.

The Indian Premier League 2023, match 61st, was the unlucky one for the Yellow team, as they lost by six wickets against the Nitish Rana team on May 14. After the match ended, Sunil Gavaskar took an autograph from CSK’s skipper in front of the whole crowd on Sunday.

The commentator in the Indian Cricket League, Sunil Gavaskar, went to MS Dhoni and asked him to put Mahendra’s signature on his shirt. During the act, he says that it goes directly to his heart; the efforts that MS Dhoni makes in cricket are commendable. However, the audience got crazy about seeing such an epic moment and took to social media to spread the news about those two legends online.

While the day was quite unlucky for the Chennai Super Kings, as they had given 144 runs to the opposition team, And with due respect to Kolkata’s captain Nitish Rana and Rinku Singh, they dominated the game by six wickets on Sunday at their home ground.

After the loss, the Kolkata team scored 12 points and CSK’s 15 points, which implies that both sides are worried about their playoff qualification in the ongoing season. However, the remaining games will change the dilemma of the competition.