Iconic Signature Shots of 3 Fantasy Cricketers
Iconic Signature Shots of 3 Fantasy Cricketers
  1. MS Dhoni – Helicopter Shot

There is no shot as powerful and unorthodox as the Helicopter. The best finisher of the world flies his helicopter whenever he wants and lands it in the stands. It is a shot especially developed for unplayable yorkers. M S Dhoni learned this shot from one of his friends. Sadly, his friend is no more.

2. Dilshan – the Dil Scoop

Sri Lankan all-rounder Tilakratne Dilshan has one of the most weird and unorthodox shot in his quiver known as the “ Dil Scoop”. Dilshan sits on his knees and scoops up the good length delivery over the wicketkeeper’s head. It is also one of the most risky shots to play and the player may get seriously injured if he misses the ball.

3. Kevin Pieterson – the Switch Hit

One of the most destructive batsman of the era, Kevin Pieterson has the most significant and amazing shot in his quiver. In the shot known as the Switch Hit, Kevin switches from a right-handed batsman to a left handed immediately after the bowler releases the ball. The player has a variety of sub-shots in this shot but the most general one is the lofted on-drive.