Know the Strongest All-Rounders In Fantasy Cricket Ever
Know the Strongest All-Rounders In Fantasy Cricket Ever

Throughout the entire existence of fantasy cricket there have not been many who were talented enough to be viewed as weapons with both the ball and bat.

However, only a few will be considered to be among this small squad, while just a pinch of these will step down in the experience books as some record-breaking men of all-time! Who are these men?

Beginning from Kapil Dev to recent talents such as Shakib Al-Hasan, there are a handful of legendary cricketers who are very crucial as fantasy cricket players. Here are some of the all-rounders to have played the game of cricket.

Let us ride through the article and know all of them!

1. Sanath Jayasuriya:

Considered as one of the best Sri Lankan cricketers ever, Jayasuriya was an amazing top-order batsman who gave his team incalculable and very incredible openings across all series in the list of fantasy cricket all rounders.

Jayasuriya’s firm ability to hit hard from the earliest starting point had seen him go past the century mark on various events and he likewise penetrated the 10,000 mark for the all out number of runs in ODIs.

2. Jacques Kallis:

Jacques Kallis is undoubtedly the best all-rounder of recent times and rates profoundly on the unequaled list, as well. As a batsman, there are not many better than Kallis, averaging 57.02, including 41 centuries and 55 half-hundreds of years.

This normal is the most elevated of any current player, higher than other present day geniuses including Sachin Tendulkar, Ricky Ponting and Rahul Dravid. He is so far considered the man of amazement in fantasy cricket online.

3. Shane Watson:

The man that has a pin to his name that says “Aussie all-rounder” is renowned among the crowd for his amazing batting skills anywhere in the lineup and also for being a pace bowler who really has the ability to put the batsmen in trouble with his consistent line and swing.

Making his awe-inspiring debut back in 2002, this man is capable of handling both spin and pace with relative ease while batting in fantasy cricket online.

4. Keith Miller:

The incomparable Australian all-rounder of the era we cannot really forget, Keith Miller was test cricket’s first obvious all-rounder. He was maybe best recognized as an amazing opening bowler, shaping the boundaries of cricket with Ray Lindwall, perceived as one of the incredible test match opening pairs for the arena of bowling.

His wicket count of 170 doesn’t really mirror his expertise, as he would without a doubt have taken a lot more had his vocation not been restricted by the absence of play during World War II.


Honestly, it is considered to be a really difficult job being an all-rounder. It requires an extraordinary ability to have the option to bowl and bat successfully and health levels should be extremely high also. Notwithstanding that, there have been some supreme legends who have indicated that in the event that they can’t contribute with the bat, they can have an effect with the ball.

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