The race for semi-finals in Gathering 2 of the Very 12 phase in the continuous T20 World Cup took a fascinating turn on Sunday with Pakistan beating the Netherlands and South Africa edging past India. After three rounds of matches, South Africa are at the best position in Gathering 2 and India have slipped to the subsequent spot. Be that as it may, there is all to play for. Babar Azam-drove Pakistan who confronted routs against India and Zimbabwe are as yet not out of dispute for the semi-finals.

South Africa right now have 5 focuses from 3 matches while India and Bangladesh have 4 focuses each. Zimbabwe have 3 focuses while Pakistan have 2. Notwithstanding, essential to make reference to India’s net run pace of +0.844 gives them the edge over Bangladesh. India and Bangladesh are scheduled to play against one another on Wednesday and this conflict will be significant as far as figuring out who edges ahead in the race for semi-finals.

South Africa have an astounding net run pace of +2.772 and thus they are the obvious top choices to meet all requirements for semi-finals from Gathering 2. Discussing Pakistan, they need something uniquely amazing to come to the last four, and first they need to ensure, they register triumphs over South Africa and Bangladesh.

Assuming Pakistan beat South Africa and Bangladesh, they will arrive at 6 places. And afterward they need different outcomes to turn out well for them. Zimbabwe’s misfortune against Bangladesh has now sent them on the back foot and it looks improbable that they would advance to the semi-finals. Their excess two matches are against Netherlands and India.