Steve Smith found David Warner's unusual guard in the WTC final hilarious and said that he almost twisted his ankle while facing the first few balls.

Despite David Warner’s struggles with the bat in Test cricket, Australia showed faith in him and selected him for the World Test Championship final against India. Warner rose to the occasion and made a valuable contribution by scoring 43 runs off 60 deliveries. Notably, he handled the challenging phase well, facing Mohammed Shami and Mohammed Siraj with composure.

Interestingly, Warner made adjustments to his technique in Test cricket. He created a deep hole near the wickets to prevent himself from going too far back into the crease. Additionally, he drew a deep line parallel to the stumps behind the crease to assess his movements. Steve Smith, a senior Australian batsman, humorously shared his experience with Warner’s modifications. He mentioned that the hole was so deep that he nearly twisted his ankle during the initial deliveries. However, he eventually adapted to it and understood its purpose.

Smith quoted, “I almost fell into it. At first, it was a bit unfamiliar and I had to be cautious to avoid any mishaps. Normally, towards the end of a game, you might encounter footmarks that throw you off balance, but having a hole on the off-stump side was a new experience for me. Perhaps I should consider doing it more often, as it worked well for me. So, he can continue digging that hole, I suppose.”