The Reasons Why We Love IPL Cricket Online
The Reasons Why We Love IPL Cricket Online

Fantasy Cricket lovers all over the country heaved a sigh of relief as the Indian Premier League finally commenced on the 19th of September 2020 on the grounds of UAE after being postponed indefinitely due to the pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic also affected the fantasy sports industry by and large due to the lack of action in the sporting arena and innumerable cancellations and postponements.

World’s biggest cricketing tournament the Indian Premier League has invigorated fantasy cricket fans once more as the title sponsor itself is a top Indian fantasy gaming app. Fantasy cricket apps have introduced amazing new features in their game play this IPL season to attract fans attention.

One of the biggest advantages of IPL fantasy cricket is its online format. The digitalized version of the Indian Premier League opens up umpteen avenues for fanatics to earn while having fun. IPL in India creates a frenzy and is ranked sixth in the world of sporting tournaments. The flexibility of the online format is seen as one of the major reasons why fans are attracted to fantasy cricket in such large numbers especially when gripped by the IPL fever.

There is augmented user engagement as the thrill of creating your own team constituting Indian and International players is something to vie for during the Indian Premier League. The player gets to use their knowledge of the game while getting entertained which lends them a sense of being a part of the game.

The fantasy IPL team created is based on deep analysis of the rules of the game. Fantasy cricket requires both skills and knowledge. Teams are created by players after carefully assessing the strength and weaknesses of each cricketer. It involves being aware of the players recent performances and statistical data of the matches played by them. The perk of getting to apply your knowledge in this strategy and skill-based game is an added advantage. It is absolutely legal as your skills determine if you win or not.

Fantasy cricket is one of the easiest ways to earn while entertaining yourself. The prizes serve as an incentive which keeps drawing players time and again. These fantasy IPL matches reward your skill and planning with attractive cash prizes which serves as one of the biggest factors why cricket enthusiasts are drawn to it.

The gaming spirit of fantasy cricket players is triggered even more during the Indian Premier League with the cricket fervour already on the rise and the brilliant array of fantasy gaming apps bringing out exhilarating features to enhance your gaming skills.

Some of the best fantasy cricket apps to try out during this IPL season are Fantasy Power 11, My11Kings, Vision11 and My11Circle. With the onset of the Indian Premier League 2020 popularity of online fantasy cricket is spreading like wildfire in the country. The flexibility of the genre, opportunity to showcase your skills and monetary benefits that come along with it serve as a major driving force for cricket fanatics to turn to this digitalized version of cricket.