Tips to Choose Players who are Good Picks in your Fantasy Cricket Team
Tips to Choose Players who are Good Picks in your Fantasy Cricket Team

Cricket is an emotion in India. In most places, you would find streets deserted when an important cricket match is being played. That’s the craze of cricket in India.

Nowadays though, another type of cricket is growing more and more popular, fantasy cricket. It is a type of online game that allows you to make some extra pocket money. All you have to do is sign up on one of the many fantasy cricket apps and make a team of 11 players and then enter one of the upcoming matches. You would earn points in the game based on the real-life performance of those cricketers in the actual cricket match. But how do you pick the right fantasy cricket team?

  • Player’s performance: It is important to analyze the performance of the players based on the last few matches. Player’s recent performance history is more important than just their reputation or name. Many times, the big-name just eat away a lot of your credit points without yielding expected result, thus reducing your fantasy cricket points.
  • The pitch: The type of pitch affects the gameplay considerably. Decide the number of bowlers and batsman depending on this. It is easy to score in flat pitch. Hence, choosing more batsmen than bowlers there would be better. Also, subcontinent pitches are better for spinners while pacers prefer green turfs. This information can be found in fantasy cricket tips apps.
  • Weather: Ensure that weather conditions won’t lead to cancellation of the match. You should also choose players according to the conditions, like overcast conditions in England offer the bowlers more swing.
  • Select Top-order batsman: Especially in less over matches, it is better to choose top-order batsman as they would play first. The ones to play at last might not even get the chance to play, thus yielding you low to no points in the fantasy cricket match.
  • Choose the right captain and vice-captain: Usually, the captain and vice-captain earn 2x and 1.5x points respectively. Choosing the players who are more likely to score well as captain and vice-captain would earn more points. All-rounders are best for these two positions as they earn points from both, runs and fielding.
  • Toss: The Toss results can easily give a team or certain players advantage over the others. The final list of players is also released after the toss. This way, you can easily swap out players who are not playing that particular match with those who are playing.
  • Choosing the uncapped player: Uncapped players are those who are yet to play even one international match for their country. Be very careful while choosing them, though may also earn you quite good points in the fantasy cricket game.
  • Bonus: Bonus points are given for catches, stumpings, sixes, fours etc. Choose players who are likely to make these and gain more points.
  • Have multiple teams: Having multiple teams, mostly across multiple games, can earn you more money. Though it is risky as well if all your teams fail.