Deepti Sharma run out of Charlie Senior member at the non-striker’s end, while the Britain player was upholding during an ODI on September 25, caught the world cricket’s eye. While the ICC has now made it lawful to run out hitters who back up excessively far, a few previous players scrutinized Deepti’s demonstration and said that it was against the soul of the game. Presently, previous India mentor Ravi Shastri has spoken on the side of Deepti. In a meeting with Fox Sports, that’s what Shastri said in the event that the player is backing up excessively far, ‘it is cheating’.

My contemplations are extremely clear. It’s a regulation. A batsman has no business to be meandering out of his wrinkle before the ball is bowled. Also, the law in cricket says that assuming you are doing that, the bowler is impeccably qualified for take the bails off. I know that the standard of ‘Mankad’ or ‘Mankading’ was there was quite a while and a ton of players are as yet attempting to grapple with that new regulation, whether they ought to be removing the bails yet as a mentor, I would tell my players ‘Simply go out and do it. It’s a regulation. You’re not cheating, you’re not doing whatever isn’t essential for the game. Batsman ought to know his business,” he said.
After the run out discussion, Deepti uncovered that earlier admonition was given to the Britain hitter before she was at long last run out for sponsorship up

“It was our arrangement since she was leaving the wrinkle more than once. We have even cautioned her. Thus, anything that we did was by the standards and guidelines,” Deepti Sharma said. “We had told the umpires as well. In any case, she was all the while making it happen, so we had no other choice.”