5 Things Every Cricket Fan Must Do. Fantasy Cricket Tops the List5 Things Every Cricket Fan Must Do. Fantasy Cricket Tops the List
5 Things Every Cricket Fan Must Do. Fantasy Cricket Tops the List

Cricket fans are involved in various activities in addition to watching the matches, extending their love for the sport beyond it. How many of the following have you completed?

An obsession, a religion, Cricket has indeed become a way of life in India. Cricket is not just a sport but also a sentiment that unites India. Indians spend hours cheering on the team, and cricketers are often considered role models.

When fans are walking, their hands are often caught in the thin air as though they were catching a ball or batting a shadow.

Several brilliant Indian cricket players have also made some records and given performance remarks that are renowned worldwide. The name includes Kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Sunil Gavaskar, Saurav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid, Ajit Agarkar, and so on.

Despite the multitude of things happening in India, cricket is probably the only sport an Indian kid would not miss playing. Therefore, we encounter all sorts of fans and opinions. Fans ranging from:

A true cricket fan – These are the cricket fans who watch every match, no matter the format or the teams. You will see them everywhere, whether playing fantasy cricket online or playing cricket on a Sunday morning in a nearby street.

Patriotic fans – Those who only watch matches in which India is playing. They don’t know what’s going on in the parallel world of Cricket. You will find a lot of these patriotic fans following the India Vs Pakistan match closely and screaming their lungs out on every run.
Don’t be surprised if you see them with painted faces in the stadium and wearing flag on a jersey.

Dedicated Indian bat lover – Those who only see Indian batting in the game. They are barely interested in the opponent’s game! Well! You can clearly see the difference when they are fighting for the batsmanship but slack off while bowling.

Only a player lover – Girls can relate to this more than boys! Fans who don’t follow cricket for scores but only to see their crush play! Fans like these are also social media stalkers. Are you secretly stalking Kohli or Dhoni?

In the following blog, you will learn about – “5 Things Every Cricket Fan Must Do. Fantasy Cricket Tops the List!”

5. Fanboying/ Fangirling –

Our obsession with cricket players is universal. Some of us literally fanboy/fangirl them, and we are equally obsessed with cricket collectables, such as player’s bats that are sometimes sold out at auctions.

Some of us also idolize them, trying to copy their batting or bowling style as well as their hairstyle or diet plan.  More so, since we live in a cricket fanatic country where the first outdoor game we play is ‘bat-ball,’ we often end up having a poster or two of our favourite players. 

The craze doesn’t stop here! There is also a growing interest in the looks of Indian cricketers. There are a lot of girls who crush on cricketers, even those who do not follow the sport. Surprisingly, they stalk their cricket celebrity crush more than a true cricket fan. 

4. Watch cricket movies and series –

Several movies have been made based on cricket, including biographies, documentaries, and television/ streaming platform series.

From blockbusters like Lagaan to the heart-wrenching film Kai Po Che, the connection between the two remains strong. Recent film trends have also witnessed autobiographies – ‘MS Dhoni: The Untold Story’ and ‘Sachin: A Billion Dreams’ with the still in making 1983 based on India’s World Cup-winning run under the leadership of Kapil Dev, the fans have entertained all of them.

“Lagaan has also been lauded as one of the best 100 films of world cinema and won numerous awards around the world.”

Interestingly, Cricket and Bollywood have had an inseparable connection in India. Bollywood celebrities and cricketers are equally praised as celebrities by fans as they constantly follow them on social media to know more about their personal lives.

Also, over the years, many Indian cricketers have made appearances in Bollywood films. The names include Sandeep Patil, Ajay Jadeja, Sreesanth, Vinod Kambli and Yograj Singh.

Well! The entertainment is not limited to movies; it has also stretched its wing to web series like Inside Edge – Amazon Prime, Mid Wicket Tales With Naseeruddin Shah – Amazon Prime, Roar Of The Lion – Hotstar, Selection Day -Netflix. There are plenty of other cricket-based series streaming on various platforms, in addition to these popular ones.

 3. Follow social media –

Is stalking a cricket player on social media your guilty pleasure too?

Trying to see if players are active on Twitter and then commenting or resharing is something we all have done. Keeping up with their social media profiles and secretly surfing Google to learn about their lifestyle, girlfriend, and so forth.

However, with the love of the fans also comes the hate of those who follow only to troll the players. Today, online trolling can be easily identified as the digital equivalent of mob lynching. If you love one player but dislike the other, we suggest you do not make it ugly unless you want to be chased, tracked, and arrested. Take cricket sport as a sport; winning or losing is simply part of the game.

2. Watch a live match –

The experience of live matches, regardless of their format, can never be topped. A player who scores fours or sixes cannot be described in words. Like eating a heavenly dessert, you are absorbed in the scene.

You want to witness each & every move that a player makes, decipher how it corresponds to opponents’ movements and team tactics. And you cannot ignore the crowd, energy and hootings! It almost feels like watching David Guetta play live. You do not know where the track changes and what comes next, but the energy, excitement and adrenaline are real!

1. Fantasy Cricket –

A fantasy cricket game fulfils your dream of creating a team of your choice of players and watching them perform for you. While the concept of Fantasy cricket app is not so old, it has gained momentum. In recent years and is enjoyed by millions across the world. 

Indian Fantasy Cricket is an online, skill-based sports game where you create a virtual team of real cricketers playing in real matches worldwide. The best part is, you earn points based on the performances of these players in real matches.

Despite the availability of several Indian fantasy game Apps today, the best Fantasy app is the preferred choice for cricket fans for the following reasons: – 

  • Easy to download and play
  • 500+ daily contests to choose among
  • With the fantasy game app, you are never out of a game to play.
  • FSL11 provides players statistics and game prediction (including squad, pitch report, weather forecast and more).
  • Earn real money and win gadgets too
  • Enjoy daily offers, rewards and one-time joining bonus
  • Contest entry starts from Rs.1
  • Instant withdrawal and Paytm transfer

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