Beginner’s Guide to Fantasy Cricket
Beginner’s Guide to Fantasy Cricket

With cricket being the most-watched sport in India, Online Fantasy Cricket site like FSL11 provide cricket enthusiasts with a platform to showcase their passion for the game, test cricket knowledge and challenge analytical skills. For every game, the excitement and experience are heightened by participation in fantasy cricket games.

Introduction to Fantasy Cricket

An online fantasy sports game – Fantasy Cricket, involves selecting a virtual team of real players and scoring points on the basis of the performance of these players in a real-time match. As a gamer, you are the team selector in fantasy cricket, and your aim is to select the best possible playing 11, score the highest points, and beat your competitors.

Although people often confuse it with a game of luck and intuition, fantasy cricket is predominantly a game of skill that requires a good knowledge of the game and excellent analytical and predictive abilities.

A good understanding of the game and a little bit of cricket news updates will help you select the best players for a match and win contests.

The legality of Fantasy Cricket in India

Yes, fantasy cricket is absolutely legal. Fantasy games are often categorised as ‘games of skills.’ 

As defined by Supreme Court, “A game of skill, on the other hand – although the element of chance necessarily cannot be entirely eliminated – is one in which success depends principally upon the superior knowledge, training, attention, experience and adroitness of the player – 1996 ruling of Supreme Court.” 

Game of skill means that gamer on FSL11 uses analytical skill and knowledge of the game to succeed and win money. 

Selection of Fantasy Team

The selection of the best 11 is the main objective of the game. You need to consider the pitch report, the weather conditions, previous records on the ground, the results of head-to-head player battles, game format, and players’ recent performance to create a winning team.

In fantasy cricket, you have to create a balanced team of bowlers, batsmen, all-rounders and at least one wicketkeeper. The selection of a team needs meticulous calculations; you cannot pick more players from a certain category while not considering others. You cannot pick all the big names either since the selection has to be within the provided credits, and big names are worth high credit points.

FSL11 team is created within a budget of 100 credits, divided as minimum 1 wicketkeeper, 3 batsmen, 1 all-rounder and 3 bowlers. With that said, the maximum limit of every category is 4 wicketkeepers, 3 batsmen, 4 all-rounders and 3 bowlers. The selection of the same depends on the budget.

Upon creating a team of 11, you need to select a captain or a vice-captain. Both of them would earn bonus points, i.e. the captain would earn you 2X points while the vice-captain would earn you 1.5X points.

FSL11, a fantasy sports platform, provides match analysis, preview and player statistics, thus making the selection easier.

Why Play Fantasy Cricket?

But what makes fantasy cricket so exciting? Here are some reasons for the ever-growing popularity of fantasy cricket:

  1. One of the best things about the new fantasy apps is the power to select players of your choice in a team. It gives you the right to put your opinion into the execution and challenge your cricket knowledge on a real-tournament basis.
  2. Become a part of matches from around the world or play from any side. You can create teams for different matches, leagues and formats taking place all around the world, thus exploring cricket insight.
  3. Fantasy cricket games not only amp up your game excitement but also earns you real money based on your analytical skills. Make sure to understand the fantasy cricket website scoring system before playing cash games.
  4. Cricket is a game where everyone has their own opinion; FSL11 allows you to challenge your friend or colleague on the head-to-head battleground or private contest. You can showcase your cricketing skills and knowledge of the sports and earn the right to brag in front of your friends and colleagues! 

How to Play Fantasy Cricket?

  1. Download the FSL11 Cricket fantasy App here.
  2. Register and get an instant joining bonus of Rs.100
  3. Add a minimum deposit of Rs. 100.
  4. Pick a match from among the listed tournament.
  5. Pick a contest, entry starting at Rs.1
  6. Build your FSL11 team
  7. Select Captain and Vice-captain.
  8. Edit the team, if needed, after the toss results are out. To do so, you get a span time of half an hour before the match begins.
  9. Follow the match and keep checking your score on the FSL11 leaderboard, which is updated in real-time.
  10. After the winner is announced, withdraw the winning amount from the wallet via Paytm transfer or continue to invest, selecting the next match.
  11. Follow the notification for future matches and updates on the easy-to-understand and play – FSL11 app. It announces the contests and offers in advance so that you do not have to worry about missing out on a match.

Why FSL11?

FSL11 is the best fantasy app that offers 500+ daily challenges to choose from while allowing you to earn money based on your analytic skills. It is the most accessible game for cricket fans or non-cricket followers, with exclusive features and daily offers.

For all the cricket followers who love cricket. Download fantasy sports app, FSL11 platform, and win daily rewards. Let the entertainment of cricket stream from a match to a virtual gaming experience and win.

For quick tips on how to make a winning team in the currently playing ICC, T20 world tournament, check “7 Simple Strategies To Win ICC ODI T20 Cricket Fantasy League.”

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