Double Your Points with These 5 Tips on Fantasy Cricket
Double Your Points with These 5 Tips on Fantasy Cricket

Top 5 tips that can help you to boost your game and double you’re your points in fantasy cricket leagues are:-

  1. First understand the points system: One of the most significant and main rules for winning in Fantasy cricket is understanding the fantasy cricket points system. Before creating your squad you should know how the points system function in fantasy cricket. Which players can provide you more points and which players can give you the bonus points. The points system works differently for all the formats.(T10, T20, ODI, Test)

Fantasy cricket award points for these events

  • Bowler taking a wicket
  • Batsman scoring runs
  • W/K taking a catch or stumps
  • Batsman scoring a boundary (4,6)
  • Fielder taking a catch
  • An economy rate of the bowler
  • Bowler taking a minimum number of wickets(3,5)
  • Maiden over bowled by a bowler
  • Batsman reaching a milestone runs(50,100)

    Negative points are also awarded for some events
  • Batsman getting out on a duck. (0)
  • An economy rate of the bowler more than the defined criteria.
  • An economy rate of the batsman less than the defined criteria.

    2. Study pitch performance and conditions: Pitch plays an important part while creating your squad always select the players as per the pitch conditions. A batting-friendly pitch gives more runs so always go for the better top-order batsman, a similar way a bowling friendly pitch will give extra bounce and wickets so always go for extra fast bowlers and good specialized batsman. There are three types of pitches.
  • Dead pitch –  This is high scoring and batting-friendly pitch and has nothing for bowlers.
  • Dusty pitch – This pitch is good for spin bowlers so pickup good spinners, they can pick up a bunch of wickets.
  • Green pitch – This pitch gives movement for the seam bowlers. The seam bowlers reflect their class by pace and swinging deliveries.

    3. Check your team after lineup announcement: This is very important and the primary rules for winning in Fantasy Cricket is making sure each and every player you select, should play in that match. Lineups are confirmed approximately 30-60 minutes before the match. After the declaration, you will get to know if your each player will be playing or not. Replace the player who is not playing with the one who will play in that match without any wait just after lineups announced for fantasy points system.

    4. Select top-order batsman and all-rounders: One should always select 2 top-order batsman in their team as they are the ones who will make most of the runs. And since they will come for batting during the initial phase, there is more probability that he has time to settle down and play his natural game. The problem with selecting a batsman who plays at 4 or down the order is that he might not even get a chance to bat. Select at least 2 all-rounders in your team as they give you points for both batting and bowling.

    5. Choose Captain and Vice-captain wisely: Selecting Captain and Vice-Captain are important and also crucial because they both offer you additional points fantasy cricket points system. Captain gets 2X points of the total points scored and Vice-Captain gets 1.5X points. Choose a player who you believe can be a crucial game-changer in the matches or a safe player.