Although the fun gaming App of Cricket is fancied by many, it has numerous advantages like challenging your knowledge in the field of cricket, enjoying the perk of winning, becoming the biggest cricket fan by supporting your favorite player and more. Here are the five top ways to avail maximum return from FSL11, Cricket Game App –

  1. First Deposit Bonus –

    Use FSL11 Fantasy App and avail 100% bonus. The first and foremost benefit of downloading the App is that your deposit gets double. With 100% bonus on Fantasy app, you can avail double profit with minimum amount.
  2. Leaderboard Ranking –

    Playing daily contests not only increases your rank on the board but also gives you better profit and chances to win. In case you played with more than 1 team in a multi-entry match, both the Team Fantasy Points will be considered for leaderboard rankings.
  1. Referral Bonus –

    Why play alone when you can challenge your friend in the field of Cricket? Refer the App to your friend and You will get Rs.50 cash bonus if your referral friend registers on the application. What’s more? Well! Your friend will also get Rs.50 cash bonus too for using your refer code. Now, join the cash win App and join a private contest.
  2. Participate in the daily contest –

FSL11 announces different contests and offers daily. Participate in the Fantasy Cricket App daily to level up your rank and stay up on the scoreboard. Winning the scoreboard not only gives you higher profit but also keeps up your excitement level by daily challenging yourself while both practicing and testing your cricket skill.

  1. Winner takes all:

A challenge where all you need is to focus on winning. This challenge allows you to win the money of all challengers by ranking highest on the board, thus justifying your knowledge above all. So, download the Fantasy Cricket App and win the biggest return.

Download FSL11 – The best fantasy cricket app now to bring in the real thrill of playing fantasy cricket online and win real cash every day with exciting bonus points.

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