Reward Programme: The Biggest Revolution in Online Fantasy Cricket

With earning money online becoming easier and more interesting, Fantasy Cricket is gaining a foothold in the industry quite rapidly. It not only makes you enjoy the good-old game of cricket to the fullest but also puts a few extra bucks into your pocket.

Fantasy Cricket is an intriguing concept that lets you earn money on the basis of how real-world players perform in a real-world game. So basically, you just need to download a Fantasy Cricket app from among the many available online and register yourself for all the action. Some of the apps also welcome you with a joining bonus amount. Once you are registered, you are all set to play fantasy cricket!

Now you just need to join one of the ongoing or upcoming tournaments and make a team of cricket players for yourself. This team can have players from both the playing teams and should be your choice of who is going to perform tremendously well in the match. Their performance in terms of a number of runs, wickets taken etc. bring points to your plate. Hence, don’t lay your eggs in one basket but choose wisely! This decision of team should be based on your knowledge of cricket and not on your emotions.

Your aim is to earn the most points among all your competitors in that particular match. If you have a team of players who are hitting sixes or playing well in the field, you are automatically earning points sitting in the comfort of your house. You also have to select a captain and a vice-captain. Their performance earns you more points than that of the normal players. The one with the highest points wins and takes away the cash! Wait? That’s all? So you don’t win anything unless you score the highest?

Well, it isn’t exactly like that! There’s also a new reward revolution programme when you play fantasy cricket online. A few apps have brought the functionality of crediting certain in-app digital coins to your digital fantasy cricket wallet even if you lose the actual game! You can collect these digital coins and redeem them for real life products which you can purchase from their store. These redeemable gifts include discount vouchers and various other types of lucrative gifts worth checking out.

Fantasy cricket has brought a revolution to the segment of earning money online with its reward system that pays you for choosing the best players. In fact, this isn’t a gamble or a game of luck as well. Your understanding of how the players are going to play will eventually earn you the money. So the more you practice, the more are your chances of earning. Initially, you can try either the free tournaments or the ones that require less joining fees and eventually climb up the ladder as you gain more skill.

So what are you waiting for? Jump in to the world of fantasy cricket online apps and make money with their revolutionary reward programme.

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