Nowadays Fantasy cricket has been a viral sensation amongst all the cricket fans. Fantasy sports are
visionary digital sports platforms and apart from cricket it also includes other sports like football,
kabaddi, basketball, hockey, and more. This online gaming setup gives liberty to anyone and everyone to
make their own virtual cricket fantasy leagues, and use their cricket skills to collect real money. There
are a bunch of apps presently ruling over the internet for fantasy cricket league online and are
absolutely not fraud because they work on a legal mechanism where not only the players are earning
fairly but the makers are also earning fairly. 

Fantasy cricket is all about creating your own 11 players’ dream team and 3 substitutes from the list of
allotted real cricket players. You should play with the players who are actively playing the real match. If
the players you have selected play well in the real match, your points increase, and you earn money.
Points you earn rely on catches, runs, wickets and other parameters. You can change any player with the
substitute player anytime.

Top 3 Tips to get success in fantasy cricket

  1. Start with small leagues do not rush towards the big leagues

The entry fees of the head to head and small leagues are much higher than the grand leagues
but so as the chances of winning also. Because of the lesser entry fees in grand leagues people
get attracted to the grand leagues. In head to head, you are up against only one team and in
small leagues against 10-20 teams only so the chances of winning are higher than big leagues
where millions of teams are competing against each other and rewards are only for 10 to 20
people so even if you come up with the perfect team but have one wrong player you will lose as
so many people will come with the perfect teams. So your first the tip will play head to head
games and not big leagues.

2. Select top-order batsman and check players performance

Selecting a top-order batsman for your team is the best decision you will make for the team as
the number of runs score is directly proportional to the no of balls faced by a batsman. The top
3 batsman is likely to face the maximum no of balls and chances to score the maximum no of
runs. And before selecting any player for your team you must check his previous matches

performances as from there you’ll get to know which player is in great form and which are not
so it will become easy for you to choose players for your team. Choose players that are in good

3.Choose captain and vice-captain wisely

The captain and the vice-captain together carry the maximum no of earnings so select these two
very wisely as they could be your winning stroke. The captain adds in 2x and vice Captain in 1.5x
so if they score high you will have higher chances of winning the league.