Cricket is celebrated as a festival in India and therefore the game is seen not only in
fields but also on your smartphones. The trend of fantasy cricket has reached the
next level and several people have engaged themselves in it. Amidst the Covid-19
situation, people are searching for some entertainment as well as
engaging activities so as to overcome the boredom and enjoy some kind of realistic
experience. Fantasy cricket can serve as a perfect application for this purpose.

Fantasy cricket allows you to sit at your own location and enjoy the match by being a
part of it. It lets you experience the real game play not only as a viewer but by playing
the game with your own selected team. There are several online platforms for
fantasy cricket and each platform has its own user interface which interacts with the
user and provides the user with real amusement on the virtual platform. However,
some inclusions make the fantasy cricket platform more advance and exciting for the
fantasy platform users.

● There have been several instances where the individual would have wished to
mismatch the players from different teams and built a perfect team. This is
definitely possible in fantasy cricket. The player can choose players according
to his wish and score points based on the performance of the team players on
the field. You can even support the opposition team and enjoy the game with
the selected team.

● You can even compete with your friends and know your position in the game.
With each player you select, you are awarded certain points based on the

performance of the player in the gameplay. The user who completes the
game with the highest number of points is the winner.

● The most exciting part of the game is that while enjoying your favorite game
you can now make money with some observations and selection skills. The
application allows you to play according to your wish. It is not mandatory for
the users to deposit money for each turn. The players can select their teams
and practice without even investing a penny. You can first test your skills and
then play a sure shot game.

● The selection of the team is the main stage after that you just need to relax
and enjoy the game with your selected team. The fantasy cricket apps provide
strong follow-ups with timely notifications and invitations for upcoming
tournaments to keep the user updated about fantasy cricket.

● You can even learn about easy bonuses offered by referring the game to your
friends. These bonuses from the referral code are given to both the parties
doubling the game benefits.

Fantasy cricket gives an opportunity to play as well as test individual expertise in
cricket. It provides a platform to users wherein they complete with different players
across the globe.

Writer – Arya Sharma