Top 5 Most Popular Fantasy Cricketers and Their Trademark Shots
Top 5 Most Popular Fantasy Cricketers and Their Trademark Shots

As so many fantastic shots have been seen in fantasy cricket, and we all love to see our favourite fantasy cricketer. Here’s a list of cricketers including fantasy cricket players for all those who love to play fantasy cricket .

Straight drive by Sachin Tendulkar

Sunil Gavaskar from the commentary box always stated about the straight drive of Sachin Tendulkar that,”everything is right about that shot” Although, it’s not surprising that he has an unbeaten liking for that particular shot, as he is one of the cognoscenti of that shot. There is no cricketer till now who has played straight drives a cut above than the batting master of Mumbai. His actions and postures help him a lot making up this shot fiercely. He keeps his head hushed or stationery. The most fascinating and proficient appearance for the television viewers is the maker name of his bat is visible to everyone when he finishes playing it. He has hit the balls to dead straight over the bowler for betterment, One of the excellent examples is

straight drive by Sachin off the bowling of Michael Kasprowicz during the Sharjah Cup final in 1998 against Australia. but usually he keeps the balls along the ground.

Late Cut by Brian Lara

Brian Lara has absolutely played amazing shots. It’d be unfair to narrate the “Late Cut” as it’s most outstanding shots as he has made superior ones. But the way he performed it, and made it appear streets ahead with his perfect timing. The strong point and lure about “Prince of Trinidad” was that he performed this shot at odds with fast bowlers while usually cricketers feel confident playing it only against the spinners for they get more time to place the ball. Nevertheless, on the clashing, Lara used his bat speed in a cunning method and very attentively drove the ball towards the achievement. Obviously it’d have been a tough and troublesome shot for Biran Lara to play as he used to have a high back lift.

Pull by Rohit Sharma

For a country that usually saw its batsmen unperformed by short balls, it was a surprising sight to see one of their players dragging the Australian pacers for sixes in his own play area. Rohit Sharma belongs to a modern type of Indian cricketer, who does not get frightened by speed and bounce, and preferably accepts the challenge and hits a six to both the left and right of the square umpire. Sharma’s pull shot is as devastating as it gets. He scores a good portion of his runs via pull shots against pacers. Which is considered the best puller in the game at the time. We can categorise shots as delightful shots and devastating shots, but ‘Hitman’ pull shot is the shot that is both delightful and as well as destructive.

Cover drive by Babar Azam and Virat Kohli

Both Babar Azam and Virat Kohli play all the standard and typical shots in cricket. But the way they play “cover drive” is undoubtedly best. It’s difficult to figure out who plays it better among both. They stay stationary at the crease, as the bowler runs in. The moment they see the player coming close, they meet the ball under their eyes and follow the bat. One big difference amidst Kohli and Azam while playing “Cover drive” is that Kohli looks over the finish off his bat as the ball races off while Azam makes maximum delay of the pose and completes with elbow on high pose. However, only both of them can make it finest

Writer – Utkarsh Goswami