Which Cricket Fantasy App Earns The Most Money And How
Which Cricket Fantasy App Earns The Most Money And How

Cricket is the most loved sport in India. People have another level of craze for cricket. But this coronavirus situation disappointed the fans to every extent. 

But then Fantasy cricket came into play so that every cricket lover can enjoy cricket on cricket gaming applications on their phones only. Fantasy cricket is online field sport cricket. There will be two teams competing with each other just like normal field cricket. 

India is growing in terms of users and followers of fantasy sports. About 67% of 18 crore cricket fans in India know about fantasy sports. Around 7 million people are connected to the industry in the recent scenario.

In all the famous fantasy cricket applications FSL11 received lots of love with 5 lakh plus download and 4.7 user rating. FSL11 overtakes all other fantasy cricket applications by providing amazing features and services. The fantasy gaming platform offers around 500 contests daily now whether it is T20 or Test cricket you can enjoy all cricket formats.

If fantasy cricket is your thing, then FSL11 is definitely for you. FSL11 is the best fantasy cricket application that comes with the most amazing features. It’s just as simple:

  • Set up a virtual team
  • Join the contest
  • Track the scoreboard

Here are some reasons why FSL 11 became the best fantasy application in the market. 

1. Rewards and Offers like no other platform –

FSL11 gives you the joining bonus of RS.100 and some special offers daily. The most amazing offer on FSL11 was 0% platform fees for H2H and 100% bonus contests for all. 

2. Prizey and Monetary wins –

The most amazing league of FSL11 was the gadgets league, and it became the most popular part of the Fantasy cricket world. People can just join with RS10 and stand a chance to win, with a variety of gadgets like JBL speakers, Echo Dots, and more. 

3. Practice Sessions and free games –

FSL11 users can enjoy free games and can earn cash as well. It is one of the easiest ways to make real money. FSL11 also offers free practice sessions and strategizes your team budget and selection.

4. Own the team 

FSL11 is a platform where you can create a winning team by picking your favorite players. You can own a team where the players can earn many points in real-time. 

5. Multiple teams –

You can create as many teams you want to of your choice when you are using FSL11. So, now you need not sit back, wondering about the right fix of a team that could have performed better. Create your dream team and test your skills. Enjoy the game twice as much. 

6. Manage your team – 

You can manage everything about your team. Starting from toss to lot that can happen in the game. Also, you can just keep some of the players with you for as long as you want to. 

Want to know more about FSL11 App?

These are some main reasons why FSL11 became one of the most earning fantasy cricket applications. People have immense trust and addiction towards the platform. Indeed, star comedian – Bharti Singh, herself has promoted FSL11

FSL11 gamers love playing cricket and earning money at the same time. There are so many people around who shared their positive feedback for the application. Read here – 

1. Shaurya Chokst from Mumbai said, “The application is giving so much information and tips about the game. The prediction feature of the application is very accurate. It helped people to win many times.

2. Aman Sharma from Indore said, “FSL11 is one of the best applications for fantasy cricket as the prediction feature of the app is very perfect. Also the chances of winning prizes is very high in FSL11 as compared to other fantasy gaming applications. We even get rewards for inviting our friends to the application.

3. Ravi Ranjan from Ahmedabad said, “FSL11 is one of the most user-friendly fantasy cricket applications. It is easy to understand and operate. It is very easy to choose your final 11 on the application and the prediction feature is one of the best features of all the applications. It is very accurate almost every time and has helped me win so many prizes.”

4. Suryansh Yadav from Jaipur said, “I entered with a very small amount in the application and now I can win almost 8 to 10 times of that amount on FS11. Winning money is very easy and fun on FSL11 and you can also transfer it to your bank account very easily.” 

5. Ranvir Kumar from Kolkata, “FSL11 is an amazing application providing an easy opportunity to win rewards and prizes. I won JBL speakers in the gadget league. I even got rewards for inviting my friends to the app. Also, you can play in all the formats of cricket.

FSL11 is designed keeping some amazing features in mind that can be used effectively and easily by the user. There are many amazing features of the application like the prediction feature. This feature can predict your winning or losing chances. Another amazing feature of the application is that if you click on the image of any particular player you will get his performance statistics. 

People think that getting into fantasy cricket needs so much money in the pocket but you can enter with just 10 Rs and you can win big by playing frequent games you can lead the leaderboard and earn a good amount.

Download FSL11 – The best fantasy cricket app to bring in the real thrill of playing fantasy cricket online and win real cash every day with exciting bonus points. https://fsl11.com/download-fantasy-cricket-app

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