Why is Rohit Sharma a Must Pick For the Fantasy Team

Over the period, the craze for Fantasy cricket has increased manifold time. Not just it is just a leisure time activity for the youth around the world but it also opens up the new avenue of earning for the youth as the source of their side income. There have been many applications that have come in the market based on the fantasy league principles, some of them proved to be very authentic whereas some exited with the blink of an eye from the race because of wrong business principles. There have been different choices of top picks by the people who play fantasy league.

Some of them follow the research that they have for cricket sport whereas some of them try to gather the data online. There have been some key players of every team who are always the safest pick as Fantasy Cricket Player and people to choose the best Fantasy Cricket Team.

One such player who has always been on the most favored Fantasy Cricket Indian Player is none other than Rohit Sharma who has astonished the viewers with its outstanding form of playing in any form of cricket, be it 20-20, One day or even a test match. He has scored a great strike rate in all formats of matches. He is one of the most eligible players to become the next best captain of Indian cricket team. The mind numbing toil that he shows on the field makes him the must pick for Indian Fantasy Matches.

There has not been any directions on the pitch that he hasn’t picket to hit a six or a four. Numerous records are already signed under his name and add the glory of this significant player. Not just he is individually great but he is always considered to be the most compatible as a team work also when it is about running between the wickets. He has even got a leopard’s speed to pick those catches hit with a bullet’s speed. Overall, when you wish to stay on the top of a fantasy league chart, Rohit Sharma can be your blind pick as he will never disappoint you with his batting, fielding and Running between the wickets.

Below are the highlights of Rohit Sharma’s Performance to Support Above Argument:


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