One of the best players to at any point play the game of cricket, MS Dhoni has won a few shrubs for the country in his recognized vocation. While Dhoni proceeded to enlist his name in the set of experiences books as a cricketer, he wasn’t as great in scholastics. In a video that has arisen via online entertainment, the Ranchi-conceived cricketer should have been visible tending to youngsters at a school where he thought back about his days of yore as an understudy.

From portraying the stories of his exhibitions as an understudy to reviewing how his dad believed that Dhoni wouldn’t actually finish tenth class board tests, the incredible cricketer brought an excursion through a world of fond memories.

“I was a typical understudy till I began playing cricket in class seven, so starting there onwards, my participation marginally began to go down. However, other than that, I was a decent understudy. [In the] 10th, I got 66% or something; In twelfth, I got 56 or 57 percent.”

“My participation was exceptionally low since I was playing all through. In this way, it was extreme for me, however I was a typical understudy. As a matter of fact, in Class 10 sheets, there were parts I knew practically nothing about. In this way, I had no clue about what to compose assuming that an inquiry came from that specific section. That how awful it was,” Dhoni could be heard saying in the video.