How I Won Rs.1 Lakh Playing Online Fantasy Cricket
How I Won Rs.1 Lakh Playing Online Fantasy Cricket

“You don’t get rich by spending your time to save money. You get rich by saving your time to make money.” ﹘ Naval Ravikant

In the aftermath of the Coronavirus outbreak, we were forced to stay indoors and keep social distance. Stuck in the lockdown away from home, making the most of my time doing cooking and laundry, binge-watching series and playing games, etc.

With matches being postponed and stadiums closed, the only choice to connect with beloved sport cricket was through fantasy cricket online. And well it did the trick!

Fantasy Cricket, involves selecting a virtual team of real players and scoring points on the basis of the performance of these players in a real-time match. As a gamer, you are the team selector in fantasy cricket, and your aim is to select the best possible playing 11, score the highest points, and beat your competitors.

My initial research included inspecting the various platforms and analyzing the trustworthy gaming apps. A number of fantasy cricket sites were available online, some famous, some new, but some were fake. Fantasy cricket’s greatest feature is that they are not algorithm-based. It completely depends on your game study and player prediction, which gives you a fair chance to win.

Finally, I landed on the FSL11, the new fantasy cricket app. There were various reasons why I chose this app over many others –

1. Since I had a long time online game experience, I could clearly notice the difference between platform delivery and gaming features. With that said, FSL11, not unlike other apps, gave you an equal opportunity to win if you play strategically. An app that allows you to earn real money in every game you play.

2. FSL11, the best fantasy cricket app, is not an overly-done complicated app with too many obligations. It was an easy to understand and process app. It also gives 500+ daily contests to choose among

3. FSL11 provides players statistics and game prediction (including squad, pitch report, weather forecast and more)

4. The app offered direct bank transfers, which many other Indian fantasy cricket lacked. It also had various gadgets leagues.

5. Enjoy daily offers, rewards and one-time joining bonus.

6. From domestic to international cricket, you can play any format, match, tournament, and league. That makes cricket so intriguing and addictive. This arrangement of FSL11 is great, since you’re never left without a match to play. 

But honestly, what made me download FSL11 was the snug feeling of the app. And well! the trust paid. 

I, unintendedly, became the master of the game, leading the scoreboard. It began with free contests and Rs.1 contest, testing strategies and win Rs. 500 per day. It was not luck, but I gradually learned the tricks and created winning strategies based on the game experience. 

So, here’s How I Won 1 Lakh Playing Online Fantasy Cricket, with the following strategies:

1. In my game, I realized the very common mistake I had made was sweeping away in the emotions of the International series. I always selected Indian players in a team while having the freedom to create my own team. The top 11 Indian and international players were in my hands, but I felt guilty. Don’t forget that the objective of the game is to create a team of best 11.

It is possible to combine players of two teams playing on a given day and create a perfect team of competent players without feeling guilty. Separate match sentiments from gaming spirit.

Online fantasy cricket is a game where you earn points for a player’s performance in real time. Instead of focusing on Indian Fantasy League, create a balanced mix that wins and scores you more points.

2. Also, I began the game by betting blindly on famous players. Don’t forget that overseas players, all-rounders, and famous players are expensive. To make a balanced team, mix young players. However, we must remember that not every player will play well in every format while making our team. 

Despite past success, a player may not perform the same way moving forward.  Additionally, the player who underperformed may pick the match. The recent form and performance of players must therefore be analyzed. You will be able to tell which players are in good form and are performing well. 

3. Gradually I learnt the importance of checking weather conditions and pitches are before creating the team. Weather conditions and pitch conditions greatly influence how a team and player perform. A dry pitch and a sunny day are ideal for spinners. Nevertheless, swing bowlers are better in humid climates than spinners. 

WTC final India vs New Zealand is one recent example of a match affected by the weather. Overall overcast conditions and persistent rain in Southampton severely affected play on day four of the World Test Championship final between India and New Zealand. It is, therefore, crucial to have this insight for a winning team, even though many fantasy players ignore it.

4. Utilize the post-toss result announcement to your full advantage. Use that half an hour to edit it before you start the game. Changing the order of the players can change the course of the game.

Participants can modify their 11-player teams based on their bowling and batting performances after the toss. You can select or remove players by changing requirements.

5. This is no-brainer! But I also began the game without learning point system. Only later I realized how important Captains, vice-captains are. By following the fantasy point system wisely, you might be able to score more points. 

In FSL11 Fantasy League, captains can win you 2x points while vice-captains can receive 1.5x points. Thus, selecting the most qualified captains and vice-captains can contribute greatly to your victory and lead to a higher point total.

6. FSL11, an online fantasy cricket app, allow you to create multiple teams. Initially I began with creating one team. But now I create multiple teams which helps me balance my loss and gain more points. Honestly, this is my secret to win maximum returns. Try it! 

You can create up to 6 teams per match and choose to join a contest with any of the teams created.

The above-mentioned strategies are self-taught, where I haven’t mentioned the obvious like take full advantage of referral codes and rewards, this gives you extra budget to play and win. Select more all-rounders and study the FSL11 match prediction. No-brainer there!

So, now that you know how I have won 1 Lakh Playing Fantasy Cricket, try these strategies and turn the game in your hand!

See you all on the FSL11, real cash fantasy cricket platform! Download FSL11 and compete.

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