What Makes our Fantasy Cricket App Better Than Others
What Makes our Fantasy Cricket App Better Than Others

Fantasy Cricket is gaining popularity, and why not? India has been a cricket-crazy nation ever since we first knew the game. For decades now, the game and players have won a special place in our hearts. However, the new trending era of Playing-along-players has been reflected in the form of Fantasy Cricket, where you can play or, better, select your players, create a team and play.

The idea of Fantasy cricket has taken the world of cricket by storm. We can see a hundred fantasy gaming websites popping up everywhere. With real money involved, the market has captured the imagination of one and all. But Here’s what makes our Fantasy Cricket App, FSL11, better than others:

  • Easy Accessibility and processability: 

FSL11 App is easy to access and process. The App is beginner-friendly, where after registering, you simply need to pick a daily contest and play. You will find various contests for big betting or small. Once you join the contest, you need to create a team, choose Captain, and Vice-Captain and play. The winning amount will be reflected in your account. 

FSL11 offers a bonus amount for first-time downloaders. You can use the amount to play any contest or match. 

  • Bharti SIngh: 

The star comedian and television personality Bharti Singh, promotes the FSL11 (Fantasy Sports League). It’s 100% trusted and easy-to-use Fantasy App. Why sit behind and complain about the players in the team when you can create your own team and play. Download today the Fantasy App and give a voice to your choice. 

  • FSL11 Referral code and bonus:

You will get Rs.50 cash bonus if your referral friend registers on the application, and your friend will also get Rs.50 cash bonus for using your referral code. Every time you refer the code to a friend, on registering, both you and your friend get a referral bonus. You also receive a bonus depending on daily contests too.

  • Practice games:

New users need not worry. As an amateur, practice your cricket analytics first with joining credits after downloading the Fantasy Cricket Application. Then start bidding with real money but only a small amount at first. Continue to educate, improve and invest with careful analysis as you get a grasp of the game, play bigger.

  • Manage selections after toss:

Once the toss is over, you will get to know who is in the Playing XI and who is not from the captains. Update your selection in those few minutes before the match starts to ensure all your 11 players are in the 22 players of the match.

  • Create your own contest:

You only can join the contest to win cash, but certain gaming platforms also allow you to create your own private contest among your buddies and play. So that you can challenge a friend and analyze your comparative cricket skill.

  • Multiple Teams:

You can create up to 6 teams per match and choose to join a contest with any of the teams created. Creating multiple teams increases the probability of winning more. Even if you lose one contest, you may end up winning big in another contest with a different team. 

  • You can follow your analytical bid:

To know your real-time position and rank in the game, you can track your fantasy time scoreboard and watch the real match in action. You can also check player’s performance stats by clicking on the player image.

  • Fantasy Cricket Predictions:

The App provides you with all the information required to make a winning team – Who will be in the playing XI? Who will not be in the playing XI? Which players are the best in the form while which players are struggling to put on the runs? The pitch report that predicts on spinners or bowlers. The prediction websites answer these and many more such questions. You can make an informed decision based on all this data.

  • Daily Contests:

You can play 1 vs 1 Battle with your friend or anyone and win Power Packs, Head-to-head, winner takes it all, Hot contests, Mega contest, last man standing are among many other daily contests, you can enroll to, predict and win!

If you have less amount for investment, fantasy cricket offers you a flexible amount of pools to choose. It’s like you have an option of around 100 pools for a single match.

  • Leaderboards:

FSL11 has a leaderboard concept where you can track your win. There are two leaderboards – 

Series/Tournament Leaderboards – These leaderboards keep track of a player’s performance on a per series basis. 

Match Leaderboards – These leaderboards keep track of a player’s performance on a per match basis. 

  • Stay updated:

Various Fantasy Cricket App provides you with Match previews, news on player’s performance, pitch forecast, and more. Keep track of players and the game in order to win.

Download FSL11 – The best fantasy cricket app now to bring in the real thrill of playing fantasy cricket online and win real cash every day with exciting bonus points.https://fsl11.com/download-fantasy-cricket-app

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