5 Most Successful ODI Captains in Fantasy Cricket Leagues
5 Most Successful ODI Captains in Fantasy Cricket Leagues

There are captains that control the fields and among them, we need to look out for the few handful that are in the top 5. ODI cricket is quite possibly the most energizing form of the game and has seen a lot of players develop into total legends. 

There are many stunning captains across various countries who have raised trophies high up and their nation’s games to the most elevated level. Who are they? The answer is quite possibly just waiting for you!

Here are the five most successful ODI captains of all time in Fantasy Cricket Leagues:

5.   Stephen Fleming:  

During times of best captainship, the superb New Zealand batsman was one of the nation’s best captains, as he arose successfully in 98 of the 218 ODIs he drove his country in also for online cricket fantasy league. The best thing is, he also pulled the Black Caps to three WC and advanced even to the semi-finals of two of them prior to being finally dismissed regrettably.

Besides, he was a very significant opening batsman for the team and has played numerous important thumps against quality teams standing tall throughout the long term.

4.   Michael Clarke:

Now lies the one who had driven Australia to the valley of success in the 2015 World Cup. The awe-inspiring Michael Clarke, who was viewed as extraordinary compared to other middle-order batsmen in the realm of his time, took over from the best captain in ODI history, Ricky Ponting and firmly placed himself on that list. Play fantasy cricket leagues and find out more like him!

3.   Hansie Cronje:  

Sadly, but proudly enough, the late Hansie Cronje was accepted as a canny captain and an awesome all-rounder who drove his team to numerous triumphs. He was their most youthful captain when he was approached to take the mantle in the 1994-95 visit through Australia. Amazing right?

His 99 ODI triumphs make him the fourth best captain in the entire cricket history. Nonetheless, he captained his squad for 138 ODIs altogether.

2. MS Dhoni:

The best captain India could ever have and the most noteworthy wicket-keeper ever, MS Dhoni was the lone giant to win three ICC tournaments of fantasy cricket league online. Just beginning from the World T20 in 2007, to the 50-over World Cup in 2011 and the Champions Trophy in 2013, Dhoni drove from the front as India had a brilliant run for almost 7 years under him.

He lifted the trophies for 110 ODIs as captain and scored 6,633 runs too. His normal of 53.92 is the most elevated for any skipper who has at any rate 1,000 runs in ODIs.

1. Rickey Ponting:

With a noteworthy personality as an ODI batsman, the man with the yellow shirt, Ricky Ponting erects at the first place in the all-time list of highest run scorers in ODI cricket. Can you believe that? He took the team’s giants from Steve Waugh, and piloted a team full of skilled players, many of whom started off to become icons sometime later!


Being the boss of the ground and captaining a squad for ODIs is not as easy as it might sound like, but these five captains have explained why success for them has become a daily bread.

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