Here's How To Strategise Your Fantasy Game For Better ROI
Here's How To Strategise Your Fantasy Game For Better ROI

Do you share your views on the match while it is happening? Do you challenge your cricket analytics skills often and prove out to be right. But what good is having an opinion if it is not heard or implemented?

Fantasy Sports App lets you compete against your skills and test your opinions on cricket. What’s more? You can also earn while doing so. This also heightens your fascination with cricket and your understanding of it.

How to Play Fantasy Cricket in Paytm First Game?

The game fantasy cricket involves creating a virtual team of real players and scoring points based on their performance in a real-time match. The goal is to choose the best possible 11 players, gain the highest number of points, and lead the scoreboard.

FSL11 –

The top fantasy app provides you with a free practice contest so you can become familiar with the app before betting on matches. FSL11 also provides match analysis, preview and player statistics, thus making the selection easier. 

While fantasy cricket is often misunderstood as a game of luck and intuition, the game is primarily a game of skill that requires good knowledge of the game and excellent analytical and predictive skills. However, strategizing provides a much better return on investment. Here’s how:

1. Ensure your team is strong:

Because of the limited number of changes available, you may want to set up your fantasy team cricket with a strong core in the beginning. You earn points for every run, wicket, catch, run-out, and appearance in the playing XI. Bonus points are awarded for a higher strike rate, the number of fours and sixes, a better economy rate, and milestones such as a century and five-wicket hauls. Therefore, you should pick your players carefully. 

If you want to build a winning team, you must consider the current form of the players as well as their probability of them playing in every game. For example, the captains and vice-captains of all the teams are most likely to feature in each of their team’s games.

2. Consider point system while creating a team:

Look at it from the perspective of earning points. All-rounders are likely to bat and bowl. Therefore, he can actually earn you more points. Thus solidify your Indian fantasy league.

You can earn twice as many points as a vice-captain in fantasy cricket leagues. As a result, choosing the best captains and vice-captains will add many points to your total points and contribute greatly to your victory.

3. No place for emotions: 

When choosing your 11 players for a fantasy league, you should never let emotions cloud your judgement. If your favourite cricketer is playing a particular match, but he is out of form or has not done well against the opponent historically, you should avoid selecting him.

Furthermore, many big-ticket stars come with maximum points and a high budget, so be careful when selecting them because if they fail, it could adversely affect your fantasy league. Steve Smith, for example, often has high credit scores. So, you should never just choose players based on reputation and slot them into your cricket team without doing proper research.

4. Take a calculated risk –

It’s always a good idea to take calculated risks. Suppose Mumbai Indians play at their home grounds. If so, you should always include top-order batsmen in your fantasy team. If Chennai Super Kings are playing at MA Chidambaram stadium, then you should have a plethora of spinners in your fantasy team.

You can practice by playing small challenges. But before you even begin, play a couple of free fantasy cricket practice sessions to understand the game. After you’ve mastered the game, challenge your friend, and then move on to larger challenges such as winner takes all or head-to-head. That said, not all platforms offer free gaming sessions. However, FSL11, the best fantasy app, offers free practice sessions, as well as contests that only cost Rs.1. 

Online cricket is an analytics-driven game, where one needs to strategize the game in order to get better ROI. Apart from the above strategies, invest in the knowledge of the players, pitch, weather conditions and more before playing the game.

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