7 Tips To Play IPL in a Fantasy League App and Win
7 Tips To Play IPL in a Fantasy League App and Win

Are you disappointed that you couldn’t play the 14th edition IPL Fantasy Game online? Well then! It’s time to catch up on all the thrills you’ve missed. Now it’s time to buckle up (install) the FSL11 app on your phone and plan the teams’ departure.

The 14th season of the leading Twenty20 cricket competition, which was postponed in May this year due to the outbreak of the pandemic in India, will resume in Dubai on the 19th of September with a clash between Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians.

Over the course of 27 days, there will be 31 matches, 13 in Dubai, 10 in Sharjah and 8 in Abu Dhabi. On 15th October, Dubai will host the IPL final.

Only a few days remain until IPL, and cricket fans all over the world are getting excited for what is perhaps the biggest cricket festival of the year. Since the Indian fantasy league has provided fans with more intimate participation in the games, a big part of the ongoing excitement can be attributed to the IPL fantasy league 2021 best team.

Seven tips to help you win IPL Fantasy Team 2021:

1. Review the performance of a player

Making a winning team means not picking your favorites. Instead, keep track of their recent matches and form. If you are choosing a player for your fantasy IPL team, you must consider the ground, the opposing team, recent injuries, and other such information. Additionally, since IPL is a long game, you must keep a keen eye on every match and manage the next match accordingly. 

The 14th edition of the IPL was postponed midway through as Corona breached the bio-secure bubble, affecting a few players from various teams. Now that the tournament is starting again, new rules have been implemented. In the phase of replacement, many new players will be brought in as the existing players from the 14th edition phase 1 are now involved in other ongoing tournaments. Therefore, it is important for you to follow the IPL players auction too, before selecting the players.

2. The right mix of team

IPL is a T20 format of gaming where international and Indian players form a league and play against another league. However, the freedom to select both international and Indian players in one team requires a much broader perspective and more thoughtful choice. 

An ideal Fantasy IPL team is a balance of 1 wicketkeeper, 4 batsmen, 3 all-rounders and 3 bowlers. However, in some cases, you can shuffle the number of batsmen and bowlers depending upon the pitch conditions and weather forecast.

3. Overseas Players

It is not enough to rely on international players alone. You can only select four overseas players to appear in your fantasy team in an IPL player apps where your budget is limited. One must not forget that even in a virtual format of games, the all-rounders are more expensive than bowlers. 

Similarly, International players are more expensive than domestic players. The extra budget might provide you with an opportunity to upgrade your players. However, you should also analyse if the upgrade is worth it. Also, Indian players are more accustomed to the Indian pitch and are more affordable than international players. 

4. Captain and vice-captain selections are Vital

While nominating a captain, the points earned by the captain are multiplied by 2, whereas, while nominating a vice-captain, the points earned by him is multiplied by 1.5. Therefore the wise selection of captain and vice-captain can turn your game into winning one in no time. However, you might even lose a winning game, if you select the wrong captain and vice-captain.

5. All-rounders

Look at it from the perspective of earning points. An all-rounder is most likely to both bat and bowl. The dual role of the all-rounder and wicket-keeper not only adds to basic game points but helps score bonus points as well. Thus you must utilize them and add all three allowed all-rounders to solidify your team.

The FSL11 fantasy cricket gives the leverage of choosing a maximum of 4 all-rounders, and it is better to make all three chances count while keeping budget in mind.

6. Don’t think rationally

We all have our favourite IPL team and players. That said, it is not mandatory that Cristiano Ronaldo outperforms in every football game or that the team he is on wins every game. Given his performance, there might be some good chances, but don’t make a team dependent on one player. In the same fashion, don’t randomly choose your idol player or team while not considering others. 

To create the best team for IPL fantasy league 2021, select the mix of your choice. Rather than picking one team, create a team with the best players from all IPL teams. Choosing a team strategically is wise rather than emotionally since players earn money based on their performances.

7. Choose the uncapped player wisely

Last but not least, according to IPL Fantasy rules, you need one uncapped Indian player. Players who are uncapped do not have high values, but their abilities can make all the difference. Consider which home player is playing well in recent matches by following the domestic matches. 

If a participant abides by all these Fantasy League IPL 2021 team rules, the chance of their team winning might increase. Also, refer to the Fantasy points system before creating a winning team.

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