Indian Fantasy Cricket has gained a sudden hike in the country in less than a
decade. Millions of people are part of different fantasy cricket sites in order to play
fantasy cricket. More than 35 apps or websites cater to such services. Although the
apps may have different versions, however, all follow almost a similar framework and
have pretty much the same rules in the game. Therefore, the major factors in
deciding which app to choose would be its daily tasks, challenges, and levels offered
by the respective application. The fantasy cricket is widening its horizons and the
inclusion of IPL has made it even more popular.

The thirteenth edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is going to begin and the
real fantasy cricket fans from all over the world have started to show their
enthusiasm for the biggest annual cricketing festival. Not only this, but several apps
have also started providing invites to their active users for the upcoming
tournaments. IPL Fantasy League is one of the best choices for fantasy cricket
as both the dedicated fans and cricket savants show their active

One additional advantage of playing IPL in fantasy cricket is that it allows you to
build your own matrix with players from top-class worldwide players in their
respective arenas to oversea players which we cannot choose while playing
tournaments like ICC, T20, etc. This opportunity provides the user with an extremely
new experience.
Amidst the COVID-19 situation, fans did not expect the IPL tournament to be seen
on grounds, however, BCCI made it possible to conduct the tournament this year.

Once the IPL season starts, all you have to do is to sit back and observe the
performance of each player as well as the team as a whole in the gameplay. From
their onwards, you can add members to your team, score points for each player
selected virtually, and compete with different players all around the globe. It’s like
you are managing the real players. The person with the highest number of points is
declared as the winner at the end of the game. You can make alot of money once
you are acquainted with the statistics of the game.

The Fantasy Cricket fans are eagerly waiting to perform well in the online
tournament. You can play different games on these applications, including football
(NFL), basketball, baseball, soccer, etc, however, cricket always remains as
mainstream. Earlier, in several countries sports betting was strictly not entertained,
but, fantasy cricket is one of the games where the players compete with other
players and not with the betting company itself. This might be one of the major
reasons why Fantasy cricket is legalized.

Writer – Arya Sharma