4 Strategies to Rock ECS T10 Fantasy League
4 Strategies to Rock ECS T10 Fantasy League

European Cricket Series (ECS) T10, began on 8th February in Barcelona. The most awaited T10 series with 24 team is scheduled as followed: 

Feb 8 – March 12: ECS Barcelona

March 15 – April 17: ECS Rome

April 19 – May 1: ECS Vienna

May 3 – April 15: MSC Prague

May 17 – May29: ECS Krefeld

The European Cricket Series 2021 caravan has now moved from Vienna to Prague. The tournament will be played over 12 days at Czech capital Prague. Every game will be live streamed worldwide on FanCode. You can also tune in on the European Cricket Network or YouTube for live coverage and play along on FSL11, fantasy cricket mobile app.

Here are 4 strategies to rock ECS T10 Fantasy Cricket: 

  1. Build a strong core team:

    You might want to have a strong core fantasy team cricket as the number of changes available are limited. To build one you have to look at the current ongoing form of players and also the probability of them featuring in every game. Also their current form to be able to predict the game better and win. For example, the captains and vice-captains of all the teams are most likely to feature in each of their team’s games.
  2. Analyzing the weather report and pitch:

    The pitch and the weather have an impact on the day’s match which most players playing fantasy cricket league tend to forget. If the pitch is dry and the match is held in the afternoon, then it is always better to pick spinners. In the case of a humid climate, picking swing bowlers over spinners will always work in your favor. Even though this is not something that participants pay attention to, taking into consideration these minute details is one of the things that increases your chances of winning.
  1. Choosing All-rounder, Captain and Vice-captain:

    Look at it from the perspective of earning points. An all-rounder is most likely to both bat and bowl. Thus he can actually earn you more points. Thus solidify your cricket fantasy team.

    In Online Fantasy League, captains can win you 2x points while vice-captains can receive 1.5x points. Therefore, choosing the best players for captains and vice-captains can add many points to your total point tally and contribute immensely to your victory.
  2. Toss and last-minute changes:

    The most important strategy comes after the toss of the game. Toss decides the fielding Vs bowling and the choice of players depends on the toss result. Post toss, participants can make the last few changes in their team of 11 players. They can select or deselect players based on changing requirements. One should certainly take a dig into the toss to make a winning team.

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