Five Different Ways To Create a Fantasy Cricket Team
Five Different Ways To Create a Fantasy Cricket Team

The onset of the Indian Premier League always brings about a big boom for the fantasy cricket industry. Being the top rated fantasy sport in India, it has become a favourite amongst gaming enthusiasts similar to routine cricket. Fantasy cricket relies on your skills and knowledge of the game. You have to choose the right combination of the best 11 players to create your own fantasy cricket team. It is a game based on strategy. It is not a surprise that fantasy cricket is receiving so much traction in recent years, owing to its ability to provide a platform where you can simultaneously earn while having fun as well as making the right use of your boundless knowledge of cricket. Choosing the right fantasy cricket team is of utmost importance if you wish to make it big in the world of fantasy cricket matches. Here we look at five strategies which will help you win every fantasy cricket game you set your foot in.

  1. Keep an eye on the weather forecast and pitch
    Fantasy cricket players mostly tend to ignore the analysis of pitch and weather forecast considering the game’s online format. This factor might seem small but is extremely imperative in deciding the actual playing eleven of both the teams. Fantasy cricket does not imply you ignore the nature of the pitch. Analyse some of the previous matches to aptly know the characteristics of the pitch before deciding upon the players of your fantasy cricket team. A bouncy wicket is always beneficial for bowlers and a flat pitch can work wonders for batsmen. Critical analysis of the basic characteristics of the pitch will increase your chances of winning. Always study the pitch well before deciding upon your team players.
  2. Properly analyse each players’ performance
    Don’t let emotions rule your selection of players. Don’t blindly go after your favourite cricket stars. Most of the fantasy cricket players rely on the players reputation rather than focussing on their current performance and form. After analysing the pitch that is being played on in the fantasy cricket match look at the past performances of the players you set your mind on, on that particular pitch.
  3. Be wise while choosing the captain and vice captain
    This is of humongous importance while making your dream team for the fantasy cricket game. The Captain earns you 2X times points. Similarly the Vice Captain brings you 1.5X points. Choosing the right men for the two roles can exponentially increase your chances of winning. Choosing an all-rounder as a captain can go a long way because even if they are unable to perform upto the mark as a batsman, they will still have some overs to show their bowling prowess.
  4. Selection of other players
    After analysing weather forecast, pitch and the players past performances and their current form it is time to create the accurate combination and select the players for your team. Though it is suggested not to ignore your instincts while selecting a player, it is also advised to keep your rationale alive while doing so. Choose players who can perform well under pressure and in adverse conditions. A good combination of all rounders, bowlers, batsmen and an efficient wicket keeper will make you a winning fantasy cricket team. Focus on all rounders as they can fetch you points both through batting and bowling.
  5. Make sure all the players on your team play
    Don’t ignore keeping an eye on the final lineups for both sides. There is nothing worse than the selected players on your team not even playing. Try to avoid players who have stood withdrawn for a long time. If you are in doubt about a players’ selection in the lineup ignore picking him initially. You can always return when the final lineups are declared.

Apart from these make sure to be aware of your financial investments and bonus points. Fantasy cricket is a game of skills and a strategy that is well thought of. With well informed sound decisions and keeping a track of all aspects of the game you can easily create your fantasy cricket team that has the potential to win.