Cricket in India is one of the most followed games whether it be Test matches or IPL, people always enjoy the game. Cricket is not only an entertainment source for them, the fans have adequate knowledge about the sport, its rules, and the performance of players. And Fantasy cricket apps are the best tool to apply that cricket knowledge in real-time and a platform to showcase their individual talents. 

Fantasy Cricket is a new growing buzz among people and to date, there have been around more than 20 million users.  Also, the study by the Indian Federation of Sports Gaming (IFSG) suggests that the fantasy gaming industry will cross a figure of 100 million by the end of the year 2020.

Initially, the application was designed for fans who enjoyed it as a fun game, however, the app soon turned into a hub for cricket experts who can apply their knowledge and make money in no time. For the same, the user must have knowledge of both the teams, the current players, their forms, and a little bit of instinct which needs to be followed while choosing your own team. The fantasy cricketers play from all around the world and therefore different people share their different perspectives in context with the game.

Some people see it as a huge market opportunity as cricket forms one of the multi-billion and most profitable industries in India. The sport is not restricted to any specific age group, people of all ages enjoyed the game.  The most followed tournament is ICC Cricket World Cup and then ODI’S and T20 formats.

It’s also quite easy to use and play the game on screens. Earlier, the game was not taken into consideration by many individuals as the idea was novel and therefore the competition was less. The industry experienced a sudden hike in its users and its been growing continuously due to its amazing perks. The offers are never-ending and open up new opportunities for users to take part in fantasy cricket.

There have been certain stereotype comments on Fantasy cricket questioning its authentication. However, it very clear that fantasy cricket is entirely legal in India. It is not considered as a form of gambling or betting, instead, it is a game where the individuals can showcase their knowledge of the sport as well as can test their skills through this online game.

Still, the people do not adapt to this game in a single go as they have various misconceptions about the game and the way it is followed. This is related to the general culture and atmosphere we follow as well as the political and social structure of the nation. The acceptance of the game is quite debatable, however, in the coming time, we may see a huge crowd following and enjoying the cricket fantasy game.