7 Don'ts While Playing Fantasy Cricket

The thrills and spills are going to return to Indian drawing rooms yet again as T20 cricket action resumes after a gap of almost five months. 

Fantasy cricket allows you to be at the heart of the action without being present on the ground. While the on-field action unfolds elsewhere, you too can play with just a basic smartphone with an internet connection. You just have to select your own best team from the two teams playing in the real world. Several fantasy apps available on the Play Store cater to your fantasy sports gaming needs. You can download a certified and trusted fantasy app and play fantasy cricket games for free on your mobile anytime, anywhere.

While playing fantasy cricket or online cricket is easy, there are a few common mistakes that you need to avoid while selecting your team. 

Here are 7 common mistakes to avoid while playing fantasy cricket online.

1. Don’t jump the gun

If you are a first-time player, it would be advisable not to pit your wits against experts in cash games. Practice is the best way to attain perfection. So you should initially play a few free practice games. This will help you to deepen your understanding of the game and sharpen your skills.

2. Know players well

Doing thorough research to learn about the players you are investing in is important. Trusting a player’s reputation is not the ideal thing to do. A reputed red-ball player might not be that good at handling the pressure of T20 cricket. Then again, a good T20 player might not be in form as he/she nears the end of his/her career. The pitch may also play an important role in determining how well a player performs. A batter more suited to the subcontinental pitch might not do well on green pitches. Hence, it is important to research your players before selecting your team.

3. Select a balanced team

Picking a team without enough versatility would be a mistake. The team should have a strategic mix up. Dominating all the areas of the game is important to win. So don’t just try to pick your favourite players. The players you pick should be good at the things they do. Select some good all-rounders because they are the ones that are likely to win you more points with their all-round performance. Picking more spinners than seamers for spinning tracks is advisable.

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4. Avoid playing matches you know nothing about

Initially avoid taking part in games you know nothing about. And avoid taking part in high-risk cash games when you are a beginner. It would also be wrong to play with the same strategy in every game. As you go on, you will learn more about the trade of winning and then you can take part in an increasing number of games.

5. Never go all out

Never be overconfident and invest everything in one go. Do not spend most of your credits on just a few reputed players but instead pick a well-balanced team. Your financial investment should be split into different games. You might win some and lose some. Maximise your winning options.

6. Never leave the toss out of the equation

The toss is important in any game of cricket. Be aware of the time of the toss and pay attention to it. Last-minute injuries or change in game strategy can keep some important players out for the game. You should ensure to review your team immediately after the toss. Once the final team has been announced by both the captains at the time of the toss, alter your team and strategies accordingly.

7. Pick your captain and vice captain wisely

Fantasy cricket players often make the mistake of not giving too much thought or time to selecting their captain and vice captain. Remember that it is the points that these two players earn at the end of the game that can make the difference. A captain earns 2X points in comparison to the other players for the same performance. The vice captain earns 1.5X points as compared to the others. So extra thought should be given to picking players for these two positions.

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The additional advantage of playing fantasy cricket is that you get the opportunity to test your skills against cricket lovers from across the country and win real cash prizes. Happy gaming!