All You Need to Know About FSL11 Contests and Offers
All You Need to Know About FSL11 Contests and Offers

Cricket is one of the most favorite games for almost every Indian. The craze for cricket is something else in India. It is not just a game for Indians it is an emotion. But this is a coronavirus.

Upset almost every cricket lover. But then Fantasy cricket came into play so that people can enjoy their favorite game on their phones only. 

There are so many fantasy cricket apps that came into play. But, the question is which is the best fantasy cricket app?

Well, according to us FSL11 is one the best fantasy cricket app. And there are so many reasons behind that. FSL11 is a fantasy cricket application that is designed to keep user experience in mind and is easy to use and understand as well. It is an application that has Easy Accessibility and processability. Also, it has the most amazing features like Daily Contests, Leaderboards, Fantasy Cricket Predictions, Create your contest, Manage selections after the toss, Practice games, Multiple Teams, You can follow your analytical bid, and many more. 

Another most amazing feature of FSL11 is that you can play fantasy cricket and win real cash.  That means cricket is not just fun anymore you can earn amazing prizes and cash just by playing cricket on your phone. All you need to do is download FSL11 on your phone and use all your cricket skills in that. 

FSL11 is a platform that conducts many contests. You can join any FSL11 contest for free or you can get into a cash contest to win cash. You can also create your contest among your friends and can play with them.

Here are some reasons why FSL11 is the best fantasy cricket app:

1. FSL11 Referral code and bonus:

FSL11 will give you a cash bonus of Rs.50 just for referring the app to your friend and getting him registered in the application can make you and your friend earn the bonus cash of Rs50. And every time you refer the code to a friend, on registering, both you and your friend get a referral bonus. You will get a bonus on daily contests as well.

2. Manage selections after toss:

You can update your final IX after the toss. You get a chance to update your selection in the slot of a few minutes before the game starts. Make sure all your final eleven are part of the team.

3. Fantasy Cricket Predictions:

FSL11 provides you with the prediction about who will be the final eleven of the team or who is not going to play in today’s match, pitch report, and many more things. Prediction is one of the most amazing features of the application. Prediction done by FSL11 helps you to make correct decisions while choosing your team and can help you earn a good amount of cash prizes. 

FSL11 is the latest fantasy cricket app with Paytm withdrawal.  That means you can withdraw all your earned money directly to your Paytm account without any delay. 

You can master every game with the help of some tricks and tips

Here are some fantasy cricket tips for today match:

1. Check Player Performance

You should always check the performance of all the players you are thinking to pick in your final eleven. Recent performance and form of the player always matter and this can help you a lot to choose your team. 

2. Toss and Making Last-minute Changes

You always get a small window of time where you can make the last-minute changes. These last minutes are very important for you. Either you can lose the match or you can win the match utilizing these few minutes. 

3. Latest Updates and Announcements About the Teams

Keep checking the latest news and announcements about the teams and the match. You will know which player is in form or who is injured and not going to be part of the team. 

4. Creating Multiple Teams

Always create multiple teams so that if you are losing with one of your teams you still have some chances to win prizes using your other team. 

5. Analyze Weather and Pitch Report

Understand the weather and pitch report before the match. This thing will help you to understand which player can perform better in this particular field. For example, a stadium-like Wankhede is for power hitters and swing bowlers so you should select your players according to that.

Download FSL11 – The best fantasy cricket app now to bring in the real thrill of playing fantasy cricket online and win real cash every day with exciting bonus points.

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