Australian wicketkeeper Matthew Wade has tried positive for Coronavirus at the T20 World Cup however is supposed to play in Friday’s critical conflict with Britain, the group said. The 34-year-old tried positive late on Wednesday – – the second Australian player at the competition to do as such – – and has gentle side effects, a group representative told AFP. Inquired as to whether Wade was supposed to play for the holders and hosts against England, at Melbourne Cricket Ground, the representative answered: “Yes.” Australia don’t have an expert back-up wicketkeeper at the competition.

World Cup rules grant players to play coordinates with Coronavirus yet they should head out independently to keep away from the spread of the infection. Spinner Adam Zampa tried positive in front of the Sri Lanka match on Tuesday yet has recuperated and is supposed to be fit to confront England in a match neither can stand to lose.

Australia returned quickly from their initial misfortune to New Zealand to beat Sri Lanka by seven wickets and get their title safeguard going. Ireland’s George Dockrell played on Sunday in Hobart against Asian bosses Sri Lanka in spite of having Coronavirus.