Top Trends Observed in Pro Fantasy Cricket 2020
Top Trends Observed in Pro Fantasy Cricket 2020

People in India are a die-hard fan of cricket. Nowadays, the game is not only followed in fields but also on mobile screens and this has been made possible because of fantasy cricket. Fantasy cricket is a new trend these days. The gaming sector has gained a sudden hik in the recent 2-3 years and fantasy cricket apps are enjoying the same popularity. The people from all over the world participate in fantasy cricket leagues and the number has crossed to over more than 20 million users. The industry is consistently growing and prediction says that by the end of 2020 more and more people will adapt to the game. Online fantasy cricket is the best platform to showcase your knowledge and trust your instincts to win rewards and cash prizes. Here are some latest trends which were observed in the fantasy cricket industry which will help you explore the game and your potential towards online fantasy cricket leagues.

● New Bees increasing competition

More than 6 million people are regular fantasy cricket users in India. If the trajectory goes the same then 35-50% of users are expected to increase every year. Earlier competing and winning was quite easy as the competition was less. However, the competition is increased, especially from the young generation who try every permutation combination in the game and win rewards. Fantasy cricket is one of the most trending apps used on the internet.

● More preference for the game on Screens

Smartphones have made it quite to follow your interest by sitting at your own place. The game on fields is now on screen and that too with the team you yourself have selected. The player is not restricted to support a particular team. He can mismatch the player according to his choice and make his team ready for the fantasy cricket league.

● Increase in daily users

Regular players have been increased in online fantasy cricket. The buzz started from the T20 formats and then ended up with other tournaments of cricket like the Indian Premier League, ICC World cup, etc. People also participated in order to get regular rewards and cash prizes.

● Easy User Interface

With the increasing interest of people from almost all age groups, the online fantasy cricket team started to build a more easy-to-use and secure version of applications so that the people do not have to struggle with the usage of gaming apps and enjoy fantasy cricket without any worries.

● More Leagues and Greater Rewards

The fantasy cricket has included several new formats of cricket and now the people have a variety of options to choose in which format they want to play fantasy cricket league. Also, the Fantasy cricket teams bring in several new contests with exciting prizes which serve as motivation for the users to participate and win rewards. Earlier, the application was designed as an interface for people who enjoyed cricket as a fun game, however, the app soon came up with some advance features and schemes seeing the growing interest of the users in fantasy cricket, turning it into a pro fantasy cricket application.