Play Fantasy Cricket to earn money during lockdown

The craze about IPL 2020 was on the peak but everything got cancelled due to lockdown so the thing that can maintain the spices of your excitement is Fantasy Cricket. Now all of you must be thinking that what fantasy cricket is and how it can match the excitement and fun level of IPL.

What is Fantasy Cricket

The concept of Fantasy Cricket is very similar to that of field sport cricket. There will be 2 teams on the field but a virtual gaming platform. Fantasy cricket can be played online through the website or the App, where all you need to do is register yourself as a user and you are good to go to make a standard team of 11 players, choosing from a wide range of amazing players from all around the world.

It all works on a point system and the user gets points for his selected team of 11 players, based on their real match performance. The calculation of points takes into account various factors like runs scored, catches, and wickets taken in the match. The player also gets a choice to pick either to play a free fantasy cricket game or play Fantasy cricket and win real cash.

The first step in the process of playing a fantasy cricket league is to pick a match, choose the players of each category and then select the Captain and Vice-captain.

Fantasy cricket is very fascinating you can pick your best 11 and can make your team. Not only that at the end of the game you will be rewarded not only with the cash prize but they also experience a sense of accomplishment.

No one can go out to play a game of cricket on a field because of lockdown. Fantasy cricket offers the same excitement and entertainment as a real on-field cricket match but with a team of the best players possible. 

With every game played on the new fantasy cricket site, the registered user improves on their skills and knowledge to pick the right team in every match.

They can make up a team comprising of an accomplished Captain, Vice-Captain, Batsmen, bowlers, and wicketkeeper.

Apart from all this Playing fantasy cricket online and earning cash is perfectly safe, secure and legal in India. Play the Fantasy cricket games for free or play to win cash prizes and bonuses. Playing Fantasy Cricket online is completely legal by law and is not considered as gambling or betting.

Win real cash by Fantasy Cricket

After selecting the contest and joining with the team you have to wait for the match to get live after the match goes live you can see your position in comparison to the other team member. After the match ends you will receive your money in your wallet.

About FSL11 Fantasy Sports App’

FSL11 is a premium fantasy sports platform where you can play fantasy cricket games and Fantasy Cricket Leagues online. Just create your fantasy cricket team and compete with the online players. Download Fantasy Cricket App FSL11.

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