Playing cricket fantasy leagues is fun, and it gives you a very enriching and enthralling experience. You can easily win some small real cash rewards, but it is not that easy to win a big amount. You will need some skills to do that. You have to make a strategy with some research on players and the teams. It’s all about picking the best 11 players combination that will complete the job for you. Let us see how you can do it – 

1. Check Player Stats  

It is important to check the player stats before selection because it’s crucial to know how they have performed in recent matches. We cannot just pick anyone based on his career records, whether in form or out of form. You can check all the stats on the fantasy cricket website. But if you are going to have the same team for the whole tournament, then you select some players based on career records because the class players are likely to perform in upcoming matches.

2. Watch Pitch and Weather Report 

Weather and pitch are some decisive factors of the match, so you must pay proper attention to them before selecting your 11 players. The pitch report will tell you whether it supports pacers, spinners, or both of them and how much it will change for the second innings. The weather report can give you a brief idea about how much the due factor will affect today’s game. Are there strong winds, or is it going to rain or not? After analyzing both reports, you must choose your 11 players for a fantasy cricket game.

fantasy cricket league

3. Selection Of Captain and Vice-Captain 

If you want to play fantasy cricket and win real cash, it is the most important decision which can either make you win or lose. It plays a major role in your rankings. Because the points scored by captain and vice-captain are multiplied by 2x and 1.5x, you must choose your team’s best player as a captain; it can be a bowler, batsman, or all-rounder. If your top performers are your captain and vice-captain, you will get some big cash reward. 

4. Choosing Top Order Batsmen 

It would be best to have the best top-order batsmen from both teams because they will face a maximum number of deliveries, so they have the maximum scoring probability. A capable top-order batsman can change the game in your favor single-handedly. But if you’re confident in some pitch hitters down the order, you may choose them as well, it will be a risk, but it can earn you big rewards.

5. Creating Multiple Teams

If you are unsure about your team, you can select more teams to join another contest. You can try different combinations of players as per your choice, increasing your winning probability. You may join as many contests as you want on the best fantasy app download you have on your smartphone. 

Now you know the best tips to win in online fantasy cricket, so download the app today and start earning real cash rewards.

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